CategoryE01. 360 Brand & Identity Experience
Advertising Agency LANDOR ASSOCIATES Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Sungwon Jee Landor Associates Creative Director
Simon Bell Landor Associates General Manager/Sea
Chris See Landor Associates Senior Designer
Sunita Sudheesan Landor Associates Senior Client Manager
Hang Io Landor Associates Designer
Hui Shan Chin Landor Associates Strategist

Brief Explanation

Asia had quickly become a competitive geography, saturated with international competitors all looking to gain a footprint in the region to offer MNC’s international growth. With a greater global reach, larger client databases and established infrastructures the competitor offers were becoming a great threat to 1-Net’s domestic market. We saw 1-Net’s smaller size and technical knowledge a huge asset, giving them the agility to meet client demands quicker with an added personal touch. Our objective was to show that 1-Net had the workforce capable of putting clients at the center of their operations, bringing a brand experience like no other.

The Brief

1-Net is an established data center provider in Singapore with the unique advantage as the local broadband exchange. Our brief was to support the brand’s expansion plan within the region. 1-Net was looking to rebrand in order acquire new market share and top of mind awareness throughout Asia. 1-Net felt that they had out grown their current identity and wished to have a brand that could speak for their media focused approach and one that was representative of the workforce behind the scenes.

How the final design was conceived

Post brand audit, we concluded that many of 1-Net's competitors' were technologically driven. To challenge category norms, we created a brand platform that encapsulated the essence of ‘Powered by People’. Thinking like a human, not a machine, 1-Net brings a human attitude to life, viewing customers as people not transactions. Guiding clients towards business growth and driving forward through challenges as they come, we wanted to show people as being at the core of 1-Net. An identity like no other, 1-Net’s new mark was highly legible but also brought with it an emotive and personal graphic language expressing its core essence “Powered by People”.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The internal launch of the brand drew a huge positive response among employees. By humanising the brand, employees are more engaged to drive an internal cultural change. Externally the brand was launched to 250 industry professionals at an event in Singapore. The impact has seen 1-Net become more valued in the media industry, now providing more services to companies looking for media focused technology platforms. 1-Net’s current location is now fully occupied and the brand is now relocating to new premises in order to meet the new demand.