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Name Company Position
Jason Williams Leo Burnett Melbourne Executive Creative Director
Andrew Woodhead Leo Burnett Melbourne Creative Director
Robert Mcdowell Leo Burnett Melbourne Art Director
Isha Brown Leo Burnett Melbourne Art Director
Georgina Cahill Leo Burnett Melbourne Copywriter
John Trifonopoulos Leo Burnett Melbourne Production Manager
Tim Shelley Leo Burnett Melbourne Digital Art Director
Matt Peters Leo Burnett Melbourne Digital Designer
Chris Steele Leo Burnett Melbourne Social
Sommer Hampson Leo Burnett Melbourne Group Account Director
Nick Bennett Leo Burnett Melbourne Senior Account Manager
Julie Laycock 7/Eleven Head Of Marketing
Bill Kosmopoulos 7/Eleven National Brand And Communications Manager
Kon Romios 7/Eleven National Brand And Communications Manager
James Pennycuick 7/Eleven Assistant Brand Manager

Brief Explanation

While Slurpee invented the frozen beverage and it's name has coined the category (any frozen beverage in Australia is called a Slurpee), competitor drinks from Hungry Jack’s and McDonald’s have made a significant dent on sales by heavily discounting their drinks. Cowering to a price war isn’t in Slurpee’s DNA, so we needed to offer value in an irreverent Slurpee way.

The Brief

Slurpee is the original frozen beverage and the only one on the planet that allows you to experiment with no limits. We needed to do something that not only reflected the brand’s mantra ‘Drink Different’ but create something that expanded it. Our role was to get fans engaged with brand in a way that was unique to Slurpee – if our competitors could do it, we shouldn’t. We needed to increase Slurpee’s value, without being detrimental to our profit.

How the final design was conceived

We had to implement our ‘Drink Different’ mantra in a way that would capture everyone’s attention – online, in store and on the street. So we designed the Xpandinator – a device that flipped value on its head and gave fans more Slurpee, more of an experience and more to talk about, without having to discount a cent. The structure used moulded plastic embossed with the Xpandinator and Slurpee logo. It was deliberately designed to become a piece of unpaid ambient media with people promoting it for us online and in the street, simply by carrying it.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The Xpandinator quickly became a catalyst for the biggest social media interaction in the brand’s history. On Instagram alone, we saw a 658% growth rate in followers and Facebook engagement tripled. By spending less than a quarter of our regular communication budget, sales went up 45% with people actively choosing Slurpee over cheaper competitor offerings. It stimulated conversation, driving people to socially share it physically and online. The success of the Xpandinator has lead to international 7-Eleven stores adopting the idea to Xpandinate their sales too.