Product / ServiceGYM, EXERCISE
CategoryA01. Posters
Entrant Company THE BRAND UNION Singapore, SINGAPORE
Advertising Agency THE BRAND UNION Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Dan Ellis Brand Union Regional Creative Director
Benedict Wong Brand Union Senior Designer
Jie Ni Liew Brand Union Senior Designer
Samya Deb Brand Union Creative Director
Daniel Goh Brand Union Senior Designer
Esther Lim Brand Union Production Lead
Sonali Kewalramani Brand Union Client Manager
Wataru Yoshida Illustrator
Graham Hitchmough Brand Union Regional Director
Po Kay Lee Brand Union Executive Client Director

Brief Explanation

The idea is ‘Anatomy of Ritual’ the first in a series of large scale prints that subverted traditional anatomical illustration styles. The artwork eschews the typical full-coloured, photo-heavy look of most gym chains: motivational pictures of sweaty people in tacky gym gear and focuses squarely on what’s important; everything under the hood.

The Brief

Ritual is a new 30-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) concept that would become the anti-thesis of style-over content, machine-based global gym chains. Our brief was to find a way communicate the science of high-intensity resistance training – encouraging the body to realize its potential without fitness machines – in a differentiated way.

How the final design was conceived

‘Anatomy of Ritual’ helped to drive the understanding of the science and methods of Ritual’s fitness philosophy in a relatable manner. The pared down aesthetic and Illustrative methods provide an engaging and accessible springboard to convey the unique benefits of the science and brand of ‘Ritual.’

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Ian Tan, Co-Owner and Program director said it best; “We're on to something powerfully anti-gym here. The first reaction we get from people is literally a double-take whenever we show it to them for the first time, they are immediately drawn into discovering the correlation between the equipment details and the corresponding muscle groups, and that is just so damn awesome”