Product / ServiceYAHOO! JAPAN
CategoryA08. Digital Design
Entrant Company HAKUHODO KETTLE Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency HAKUHODO KETTLE Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company AID-DCC Osaka, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Kazuaki Hashida HAKUHODO Kettle Inc. Creative Director
Kyosuke Taniguchi Dot By Dot Inc. Creative Director
Shota Hatanaka HAKUHODO Kettle Inc. Planner
Chiharu Shimizu HAKUHODO Kettle Inc. Planner
Yusuke Tominaga Dot By Dot Inc. Planner
Saqoosha Dot By Dot Inc. Technical Director
Takayuki Kitai Katamari Inc. 3d Printing Director
Yuichi Takatani Katamari Inc. Art Director
Kenjiro Nakayama Katamari Inc. Designer
You Tanaka Katamari Inc. Design Engineer
Kenji Mori/Yuka Hatae/Kiki Hasegawa Katamari Inc. Developer
Takanobu Izukawa Katamari Inc. System Engineer
Masashi Ohashi Katamari Inc. Sound Designer
Kenichi Seki/Keitaro Kamijo/Kojiro Matsumoto AID/DCC Inc. Producer
Hiroshi Kondo Movie Director
Toshiyuki Takei TOKYO/TAIYO KIKAKU Co./Ltd. Movie Producer
Ryosuke Toyama/Takahide Uchibori/Hiroshi Kondo Camera
Akari Tatsumi TOKYO/TAIYO KIKAKU Co./Ltd. Mixer
Audio Force AUDIO FORCE Music
Hiroaki Sakai/Takashi Uno/Saeko Kawano TOW/P/Point Event/Pr Director

Brief Explanation

We took on the challenge of designing the search system of the future. To create the search system of the future everyone can benefit from by adding the idea of human touch, rather than just outright devotion to interactivity.

The Brief

Search market leader Yahoo! JAPAN wants to improve its brand image as a leader in its field.

How the final design was conceived

We created a new design that entails giving form to one’s curiosity, right in front of them. A future where things spoken as words then materialize right in front of you. Going beyond just seeing and listening, to actually adding the sense of touch to search. This is our Hands On Search system. We gave meaning to simple 3D printing through the power of idea. First, in order to get the children of the schools for the blind to use the innovation, we designed the machines according to the children’s physical characteristics.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Yahoo! released Hands On Search as an open source application. The Japanese government, through the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, then agreed to provide funds to convert the project’s 3D data into study material. This innovation thus is now an educational one, going from a single service to a vital piece of social infrastructure. Support results are as follows. *3D database now contains over 100,000 entries *More than ¥1 billion in publicity in Japan; large worldwide exposure *According to research, 92% of people engaged with this project have increased loyalty to Yahoo! JAPAN.