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EntrantI&S BBDO Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company I&S BBDO Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency I&S BBDO Tokyo, JAPAN
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Name Company Position
Yoshihisa Ogata I/S BBDO Exective Creative Director
Shinichi Ikeda I/S BBDO Senior Creative Director
Takuya Miyamoto I/S BBDO Creative Director/Art Director
Takahiro Sakai I/S BBDO Planner
Campbell Hanley I/S BBDO Copywriter
Hironobu Taniguchi I/S BBDO Agency Producer
Tomoaki Watanabe TCJ Chief Producer
Kazuhide Kumada TCJ Producer
Tatsuo Murai CAVIAR Director
Yousuke Ohmori Freelance Cameraman
Katsuya Yamada Aiin Music
Yusuke Matsumoto RAMPUYA Production Designer
Reiko Matsumoto Kadokawa Daiei Studio Production Designer
Yuki Kawakami Amana Photographer
Noriaki Hosaka Amana Web Director
Takanari Yamashita Bluecurrent Japan Pr Account Manager
Tetsutato Shimo Bluecurrent Japan Pr Media Solution Manager
Tatsuya Hirosawa Bluecurrent Japan Pr Account Executive
Aya Miyashita I/S BBDO Agency Pr Director

Brief Explanation

Our key objective was to reframe “the zoo” as an amusement destination that is relevant to young people today – not an old-fashioned relic of yesteryear – so it was necessary to take an original and unexpected approach, and to do so on a shoestring budget. We felt that the basic idea – designer jeans ripped by real lions, tigers and bears – was strong enough to garner considerable media coverage and generate buzz. So our task was to first get this message out, then make the details available to people who would inevitably want to learn more.

The Brief

Zoos across Japan have seen a gradual decline in attendance since their heyday, especially smaller facilities located outside of the major metropolitan areas that lack the financial resources to procure rare animals and create flashy attractions. The Kamine Zoo in Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture, was looking for ways to increase the number of visitors. People perceived the zoo as old-fashioned, and it was not a consideration in their list of entertainment options. The zoo needed to give people a fresh surprise – something to talk about.

How the final design was conceived

We wondered whether some new form of entertainment couldn’t be found in the everyday lives of the animals. We took the animals’ playthings – old tires and giants balls – and wrapped them in fabric, to make the world’s first animal-made distressed denim jeans. The design was as simple as it was unique, and resonated with the entire spectrum of zoo visitors – and, more importantly, with young people who were not zoo-goers. Leveraging the natural instincts of the animals captured people’s imagination and gave them a taste of what the zoo has to offer.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

In the first two weeks of the campaign, Zoo Jeans was featured in major news channels both in Japan and around the world – a total of737 media. In the same period, social media users mentioned the jeans made by animals in 28,346 posts, reaching a total 34,572,889 people. Furthermore, many people participated in the charity auction, with one pair alone selling for some USD$1,500.00. And the zoo saw a 132% increase in visitors compared with the same period last year. People saw the zoo in a new light – as a place that offers new form of entertainment.