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Gigi Lee/Shen Guan Tan/Badong Abesamis Y&R Executive Creative Directors
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Claira Chan Y&R Copywriter
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Joshua Tay Y&R Art Director
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Simon Yip Y&R Designer
Eric Tee Y&R Designer
Simon Yip Y&R Typographer
Eric Tee Y&R Typographer
Somjai Satjatham/Lo Weng Heng Y&R Illustrator
Eric Tee/Wong Jing Wen/Shrny Chin Y&R Illustrator
T L Tan Y&R Art Buyer
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Ariel Bautista Y&R Print Producer
Lecxis Angeles/Bea Barlaan/Diaron Lique/Dennis Ponce Y&R Digital Team
Caroline Slocombe/Maya Roldan/Nery Neves Y&R Account Supervisor

Brief Explanation

One of our challenges was coming up with the design, look and feel of the books without going overboard. We wanted to scare the kids just enough to achieve our key objective. Which was to get our readers pay more attention to their dental health. Getting rid of their toothbrushes that were close to or over 3-months old.

The Brief

3-month-old toothbrushes are a hot bed of germs and bacteria. Parents and children don’t know that. So how do we educate them about good dental care?

How the final design was conceived

Since our target audience was children we decided to create 5 scary books on the dangers of using a 3-month-old toothbrush. This is based on the insight that every kid loves a good scare once in a while.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

We launched on April 12th, 2014 and within 6 days we were 100% all out of books. Parents and children loved it. So much so that we had requests on Facebook to extend the campaign. It was a complete success that even led to a few impressions on Instagram.