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CategoryA06. Promotional Items
EntrantGPY&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company GPY&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
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Name Company Position
Ben Coulson GPY/R Chief Creative Officer
Brendan Greaney GPY/R Creative Director
Jim Mckeown GPY/R Creative Group Head
Joshua Bartlett GPY/R Art Director
Roger Harwood SP Brewery Marketing Manager
Sarah Grantley GPY/R Account Director
Michelle Short GPY/R Production Director
Phil Mcdonald GPY/R Group Managing Director

Brief Explanation

SOLUTION The SP Lager Mozzie Box was created to solve a common Papua New Guinean beer drinker’s problem – being eaten by mosquitoes as they drink beer outside. It’s an accepted part of PNG culture that most beer is consumed by groups of blokes outdoors around fires. Unfortunately PNG is also in the tropics and home to vast numbers of huge, malaria carrying mosquitos.

The Brief

BACKGROUND SP Brewing is Papua New Guinea's biggest brewery and over the years it's had very little competition. With new beers entering the market, SP Lager wanted a campaign that demonstrated that they know PNG beer drinkers better than any import ever could. Their advertising positioning line is OUR BEER - our job was to prove it. SP Brewery were also keen to create a campaign that helped the PNG community. Proposition: The PNG beer made for PNG conditions.

How the final design was conceived

Local PNG insights (from previous answer) were the inspiration for the idea/design and the technical solution was influenced by the humble mosquito coil. The innovation was making the carton behave like a mosquito coil by adding the natural mosquito repellent - eucalyptus. Once coated, pieces of the carton were torn off and thrown in a fire to create an insect repellent smoke that kept mozzies away.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

RESULTS One of SP Lager’s three main KPIs is that it’s “A brand that understands PNG people”. Ongoing brand tracking research conducted by Global Commerce University shows SP Lager achieved a result of 78% against the above KPI. Prior to the promotion the figure was 72%. ROI The carton was created and launched as a summer promotion - peak beer drinking and mosquito season. It was critical that the idea should work on a very low budget and not cost the PNG beer drinker any extra. The only added cost to production was the price of printing the eucalyptus ink as an extra colour.