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CategoryA01. Posters
Entrant Company TUGBOAT Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency TUGBOAT Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency 2 HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Yasumichi Oka TUGBOAT Creative Director
Tetsuro Aso TUGBOAT Copywriter
Kengo Kato TUGBOAT Art Director
Keibun Miyamoto Photographer
Kenichi Yano Spoon Inc. Producer
Tetsuya Kogure Photographer
Hideki Nishioka Photographer
Ryugo Saito Photographer
Rakuda Photographer
Keisuke Anzai Photographer
Jun Goto TUGBOAT Graphic Designer
Tsuyoshi Kusano TUGBOAT Graphic Designer
Toru Imai TUGBOAT Graphic Designer
Yoshitaka Nakamura TUGBOAT Graphic Designer
Takuya Sekikawa TUGBOAT Graphic Designer

Brief Explanation

A horse racing is considered gambling and looked down in Japan.

The Brief

Campaign to celebrate 60th anniversary of the Japan Racing Association. Objective was to drive broader target audiences to the horse racing events by dispelling negative image.

How the final design was conceived

In order to communicate the excitement of the race, we wanted the target to feel how it is like to be there, the excited audiences, friendly staffs, intense jockeys and horses. Especially the new year is year of horse in oriental zodiac. The campaign run along with TV spot.20,000 pictures were used to create this lively image.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

With special anniversary events still on the way, the campaign would mark a successful mile stone to the association’s history and great impact to the targets.