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The Campaign

30% of children skip breakfast two to three times weekly; even though mothers are strongly aware that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, there are underlying reasons that the target audiences harbor and had led to the meal skipping findings. MILO® understood that mothers need the additional thrust to turn what they know about breakfast into actions and children, being more independent today, can contribute to the breakfast eating cycle with basic education to be self-starters. “The MILO Breakfast Movement” campaign was conceptualized with the goals to convert knowledge into actions and transform target audiences into custodians for stronger credibility by using key relevant media touch-points. It was also designed as a long-term sustainable campaign with the bandwidth to engage mothers and children creatively – and interactive platforms to have genuine conversations with influencers, like-minded peers, and MILO®. Media interest garnered quickly and positively after the campaign launch due to the new news approach. A panel of nutritionists, influential mothers provided different viewpoints of breakfast skipping – and their stories were captured through roundtable, one-on-one interviews, media releases, bylined articles. Proactive cultivations and engagements with journalists (whom are mothers) resulted in personal experiences infused into editorial content. Testimonials from school students and interactive platforms added a balanced perspective to the variety of coverage. Within November 2012 to June 2013, the campaign achieved positive brand mentions, high PR value in coverage (USD2.5 million to-date), touched 15% of the targeted Malaysian population (3.45milion) in its first year of activation.

The Brief

The campaign reinforced that breakfast is the most important meal each day with succinct and impactful messages. MILO® set out to understand why mothers and children missed breakfast through surveys, public research – and worked towards driving behavioural change with these objectives:  Cultivate a stronger layer of understanding that the right nutrition and energy intake is required for both physical and mental activities  Impart knowledge and skill-sets to adopt consistent breakfast eating habits in families  Deepen the relevance of breakfast by addressing the consequences and sustainable benefits  Link brand to business strategy as well as drive business value through improving brand differentiation, brand preference, and advocacy


• The brand association of MILO® to the breakfast proposition improved several folds, resulting in bigger distinction in brand differentiation and also heightened the perception that MILO® leads with ownership of breakfast in the interest for Malaysians • Reached out to approximately 15% of the targeted Malaysian population (3.45milion) in its first year through on-ground activities, digital platforms, and media engagements • 109,082 pledges received supporting the MILO Breakfast Movement cause; MILO® translated into breakfasts for Malaysians to adopt the breakfast habit from young • MILO® contributed MYR5,000 to one of the 3,102 breakfast goals received online in fulfilling the winner’s breakfast ambition • 15,000 participants in the first Malaysia Breakfast Day • Website attracted about half a million views • Educational outreach to 5,000 primary school students to-date • MILO® Facebook page, grew from 52,000 fans (date of campaign announcement) count to 146,413 fans • USD 2.5 million public relations value was achieved from print, online, broadcast media • Positive endorsements from influencers and authorities in supporting the cause in MILO® Breakfast Movement 2014


• A media and blogger event was held to introduce “The MILO Breakfast Movement”. • Bylined articles featured in parenting, lifestyle, health media • Key opinion leaders spoke credibly during media roundtable on their perspectivesof underlying challenges mothers faced – with solutions • Blogger event, a relevant platform to voice opinions, provoked breakfast topics among the target audience and collected a series of findings and testimonials • Website inspired and encouraged the right breakfast choices with quick and easy recipes and useful information; public submitted breakfast goals and pledged for the breakfast cause along with prominent Malaysian figures • Nationwide concourse events with educational activities by MILO® nutritionists • MILO® Energy Truck in engaging the public and giving out breakfast to public• Engaged with primary school students on the myriad benefits of breakfast • Free breakfast to underprivileged schools based on Facebook pledges collected • Malaysia Breakfast Day, based on an “action speaks louder than words” concept to celebrate the breakfast cause with the biggest breakfast gathering

The Situation

Findings showed 30% of primary school children skip breakfast on an average of two to three times weekly. Health problems due to lack of right nutrition and exercise are growing among Malaysian children and adults as lifestyle routines get busier and challenging. Children are gaining increasing independence in taking care of their own meals, too. Despite knowing the importance of breakfast towards an individual’s day – missing the meal or eating unhealthily is common. MILO®, a 50 year-old brand in Malaysia, saw this as a strong market differentiator to be relevant in a competitive space full of nutrition messages.

The Strategy

“The MILO Breakfast Movement”, a comprehensive, multi-year program that aims to deepen the relevance of breakfast and nutrition in Malaysian homes, was created to answer in-country challenges and share locally relevant solutions which MILO® would play an active role in solving. The movement was aimed at imparting and garnering new thinking that answered the local breakfast challenges. It would serve a twofold objective: leverage mothers as campaign custodians who are passionate about advocating the importance of breakfast AND anchor perceptions that MILO® is a brand committed long-term in changing the healthy-deterring habit of breakfast skipping. An integrated multi-platform campaign was designed for the campaign outreach. Main-elements included crowd-sourcing moves, media relations, stakeholder partnerships, on-ground activities, social media engagement, with the campaign pulling together popular social bloggers, Malaysia Health Promotion Board, journalists, primary school students and teachers, celebrity mothers, key opinion leaders, and the Malaysian public for a united breakfast story-telling.


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