CategoryA02. Best Use of Social Media
Entrant Company ARKR DIGITAL Shanghai, CHINA
Advertising Agency ARKR DIGITAL Shanghai, CHINA

The Campaign

England football star Michael Owen is a real weibo player. The number of his weibo fans increases soon . At the time of the number is close to 1 million, he wants to thanks for their love via a special way. So Umbro is planning to help Owen so that they can Enhance the brand image and awareness.

The Brief

1, Let fans of Owen give any regards for 1day. 2, Let them to know the campaign about Owen.


Result ( only 1 Day) - The overall impression of the activity was over 50,000,000 - Total participation of the activity was over 1,000, - The visits of the weibo APP were over 8,000 - The video views of Owen’s record were over 6,000


How we did it: Fans participate in the interaction on the Weibo APP Step 1: A fans submit his or her regard to Owen and share it with the followers on weibo Step 2: The first 1000 fans who submit their regards will be displayed with their personal image icon on a big T-shirt Step 3: The T-shirts with 1000 fans’ image would be made out and sent to Owen in England. The T-shirts were sent to Owen - When Owen received the T-shirts, he personally recorded a Video and publish it on his weibo account. - Owen will sign his name on the T-shirts, which would be sent back to the lucky fans as the rewards.

The Situation

1, We only have a week to do something. 2, We only have 8K Dollars fo do something. 3, We only can do something @Sina weibo platform.

The Strategy

What we thought about is how to utilize the asset of Owen and his influence to make brand involved in the event – 1 million fans of his weibo to increase the brand awareness. Michael Owen has a large number of fans in weibo , sowe launched a campaign named with ‘millions of fans show regards to Owen, which made Owen interact with his fans deeply. IDEA We develop an APP on weibo platform A Million fans show their regards to Owen


Name Company Position
Kenny Zhou Arkr Digital Social Director
Jancoo Arkr Digital Creative Director
Steven Lee Arkr Digital Ceo
Aaron Zhang Arkr Digital General Manager