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The Campaign

We wanted to create a self-promotion campaign based on the values of the Leo Burnett group. Our insight was that the best way to talk about ourselves, and create a growing conversation, was to go beyond traditional PR and make others part of the campaign so they can help us tell our story. Namely, as yet unknown businesses that want to tell their stories as well. Creatively, we’ve started this conversation by creating a new product using part of our DNA: apples. Leo Burnett opened his doors in the middle of the Depression. Defiant, he left a bowl of free apples on his front desk. The tradition stuck. Today, you’ll find a bowl of apples in every Leo Burnett office. So we’ve decided to use ours to give a little back while telling the world more about ourselves: Leo’s Cider – the first ever cider dedicated to the little guys: new businesses out to make it in tough times. Sales of the cider will give one of them $100,000 of our best thinking. In short, we’re promoting ourselves while promoting them. To do this we’ve engaged businesses through traditional media as well as social media and a PR campaign reaching out to small businesses along with metro and trade press. This was extended into the Asia Pacific region. The campaign is only 2 weeks old. But so far we have been mentioned in all key business and trade press along with an ever-growing online conversation.

The Brief

The goal of the campaign is to tell people about our values while creating new stories to tell about who we are and what we can do. Few agencies have launched their own brand in order to better understand the challenges of their clients, and no other agency has reached out to emerging businesses in such a way to create a larger PR conversation and cross-promotional opportunities. The campaign is still ongoing but the goal is simple: garner unparalled positive press mentions than ever before across a wider range of press than ever before.


7 minute interview on Sky News Business with the promise of a re-interview at the end of the campaign. Editorial in all key small business press. Editorial across all key advertising & marketing trade press. Over $100,000 in free media gained. 2,922 site visits and 64 entries. Youtube hits: 50,000+. Social activity reach: 444, 797. More than 14 articles. 49 pieces of Leo’s content earned 295 interactions and reached 42,743 people. It inspired 225 others to create content, which in turn reached a further 402, 054 people.


The campaign has only been in train for 2 weeks with a month left to go. Thus far, there has been no need to change the plan.

The Situation

The self-promotion campaign was created for Leo Burnett Sydney, realizing that the current cider fad presented a disruptive way to create PR for ourselves, because apples have been part of the Leo Burnett story since Leo first opened his doors. The uniqueness of this approach would form the basis of standout PR.

The Strategy

Our PR strategy has 2 prongs. 1) Tailored media for small business/business/general news/lifestyle media across all channels – broadcast, print, online and radio. 2) Additional materials for key advertising and marketing trade press and writers on metro newspaper nationally. Media kits including cider bottles went to top tier media contacts. Key trade press across the Asia Pacific region and internationally are also targeted.


Name Company Position
Katy Denis Kt Creative Pr
Justine Dooner Leo Burnett Sydney Finished Artist
Michael Luland/Ash Derari Leo Burnett Sydney Retoucher
Dieu Tan Freelance Photographer
Song Zu Song Zu Music
Toby Pederson Freelance Animator
Bryan Wilmot Leo Burnett Sydney Social Media
Eddy Milfort Leo Burnett Sydney Digital Designer
Keong Seet/Kevin Brown Leo Burnett Sydney Developer
Tanya Vragalis Leo Burnett Sydney Snr Account Director
Gemma Heyes Leo Burnett Sydney Digital Producer
Michelle Browne Leo Burnett Sydney Print Producer
Jeremy Devilliers Leo Burnett Sydney Executive Print Producer
Ayla Norris-Smith Leo Burnett Sydney Copywriter
John Henry-Pajak Leo Burnett Sydney Illustrator/Animator
Stuart Tobin Leo Burnett Designer
Stuart Tobin Leo Burnett Sydney Art Director
Vince Lagana Leo Burnett Sydney Creative Director
Grant Mcaloon Leo Burnett Sydney Creative Director
Andy Dilallo Leo Burnett Sydney Chief Creative Officer