ClientTIBET 5100
CategoryB03. Corporate Reputation
Entrant Company FLEISHMAN-HILLARD Beijing, CHINA

The Campaign

Tibet 5100 is a premium provider of bottled mineral water and reigns as the leader of the Chinese high-end bottled water market. To better present Tibet 5100 to the world, we partook in the” 9th Global Water Congress”, a prestigious global industry summit held in Barcelona recognized as the Olympics of water industry. As the only Chinese company invited back to the Congress for a second time, Tibet 5100 took advantage of this opportunity to demonstrate its leadership and position as a premium brand, as well as its CEO as a key opinion leader in the bottled water industry through a keynote speech, panel discussion, and executive talks with such global giants as Coca Cola and Danone. We ensured the CEO had well-developed talking points to discuss China’s premier bottled water market in relation to Tibet 5100’s unique business model. Meanwhile, we secured high-profile interviews with top international media outlets, distributed news releases across Europe, American and Asia, developed in-depth KOL articles and conducted digital campaigns to generate publicity. Tibet 5100’s exposure was enhanced in the global market, especially in Europe and America. Furthermore, we bridged the gap between the Chinese water industry and its international counterparts. Through this event, we achieved universal recognition from industry professionals, enhanced the positive image of Tibet 5100, and drove higher sales.

The Brief

- To build trust in the domestic market, strengthen customer bonds, and further drive sales. - To bridge the gap between Chinese brands of bottled water and its international counterparts in order to win industry recognition for Tibet 5100 - To generate favorable publicity and to lay a foundation for overseas expansion. - To enhance the position of Tibet 5100 in the global market and to showcase its image as a premium product.


In less than two months, we gathered 648 clippings from both international and domestic markets, including 448 pieces from English and Spanish-language coverage as well as 200 domestic reports which came from influential media sources such as Reuters, Bloomberg, Consultor-it.com, Mediaddress, Grandes Noticias, Menafn, and many more. We secured coverage of exclusive executive interviews for the Wall Street Journal, ‘Chinese Luxury Water? Tibet 5100 Aims High’ and two big feature articles by Global Times ‘Liquid Assets’ and China Daily ‘Tibet 5100 to expand international sales’. These successfully presented a positive image of Tibet 5100 to the international market. In addition, KOLs featured articles articulated China’s premier bottled water market, as well as the unique business model 5100 has built. Besides the media release, 5100 CEO Fu Lin’s participation in panel session was highly appreciated and a hand written thank-you letter from the sponsor was received. Furthermore, hundreds of media and business inquiries continue to be received from Europe, the Americas, and Asia, resulting in dozens of business deals.


- Skillfully delivered executive speech and panel discussion including development of talking points, deck preparation, corporate video clips, Q&A draft, and on-site shooting coordination. - Key messages developed mainly on China’s premier bottled water market. - Warmed up the market through English and Spanish trailers to influence European and American consumers, generating buzz. - Pitched three one-on-one executive media interviews with top international and domestic media such as the Wall Street Journal, China Daily, and Global Times, and published three large feature articles. - Translated favorable and authentic foreign quotes into Chinese write-ups, launching rounds of media placement on top business and general daily. - Visited KOLs and prepared in-depth articles to direct the public buzz and build the credibility for Tibet 5100 in the domestic market. - Leveraged social media platforms to facilitate communication with consumers.

The Situation

Although Tibet 5100 is a top Chinese brand, capturing 26.9% of the market share in China’s premium bottled water market, it still remains very new to the global market. Moreover, there is a negative stereotype in most consumers’ minds that clean water and China do not go together, with such obstacles as pollution and prevalence of copycat brands particularly prevalent. Since the market for bottled water is expected to expand in years to come, Tibet 5100 aims to bring its high-quality mineral water to the global market and improve its international sales.

The Strategy

We selecting a prestigious global industry event to enhance the exposure of Tibet 5100: initial step would be to promote the Congress as the “Olympics” of the bottled water industry and then emphasize the global potential of Tibet 5100 while building leadership. Alongside this, we positioned the Tibet 5100 CEO as an industry leader by securing the only speaking opportunity for Asian enterprise, and engaging him in the executive talks with leaders from other established international brands. Developing key messages based on the unique business model 5100 has built and influencing stakeholders through KOL visits and in-depth articles. Seek to shape the opinions of the public and key stakeholders through proactive communication plans for both Chinese and international media outlets. This would be done via securing high-profile interviews with top international media outlets and issuing press releases in the European market, then reinforcing domestic publicity with overseas reporting.


Name Company Position
Lily Gao Fleishmanhillard China Account Coordinator
Angela Zhang Fleishmanhillard China Account Executive
Selena Xiao Fleishmanhillard China Senior Account Executive
Robert Guan Fleishmanhillard China Senior Account Manager
Christine Qin Fleishmanhillard China Vice President
Jerry Zou Fleishmanhillard China Senior Vice President/Partner
Li Hong Fleishmanhillard China Senior Partner/President