CategoryA03. Best Use of Live Events and/or Celebrity Endorsement
Advertising Agency SAATCHI & SAATCHI Sydney, AUSTRALIA
PR Agency ROYCE Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

The Campaign

The challenge was to deliver on Cadburys’ vision of bringing joy into the real world with an on pack promotion. We wanted to go beyond the category norm of one-prize suits all, with personalised experiences tailored around what brings the winner joy. Winners were picked completely at random and bespoke prizes delivered as part of a unique live performance, to six homes across Australia and footage from these events were used as online content. This job was particularly challenging due to the short time frame and the fact we didn’t know what or where we’d be delivering. The first two deliveries were sculpted, choreographed, delivered, captured and on air in under 2 weeks. But immediately after the winning deliveries occurred, PR spread the joy far and wide, from winners’ doorsteps and into the homes of Australians.

The Brief

We conducted a report through Neilsen Research, to find out what brings Australians joy. We discovered that peoples’ joy is vast and wide. This led us to create a Special Deliveries promotion, which hinged on a tailored experience bespoke to each winners’ joy, rather than a one prize suits all (because this wouldn’t credibly portray peoples’ true joy).


• Output/Awareness: i.e. change in consumer awareness and attitude (survey), overall impressions, target audience impressions, article counts/placements, content views (e.g. video or presentation). • Knowledge/Consideration: i.e. key message penetration, coverage depth, dominance, prominence, ratio of favourable to unfavourable mentions in traditional and social media, changes in NPS (Net Promoter Score)/ likelihood to recommend (survey), purchase intent (survey). • Action/Business Impact: i.e. sales, donations, joining – increase in friends and followers, content response-retweets, shares, link-backs, likes click-through rates, site traffic, page views, time on site. National news coverage (including 3 minute live segment on Channel Ten) 10.4 million people saw this campaign (that’s almost half of Australia) 16x more facebook activity during the campaign. 6 bespoke events across Australia.


The Special Deliveries was an on pack promotion, running for six weeks. People were given a unique code, allowing them to go online and enter what brings them joy. We randomly picked 6 entries, one per week. We made what brings these winners joy, even more joyful, by making it out of Cadbury Dairy Milk the most joyful chocolate in the world. We didn’t know what we’d be making or where we’d be delivering it to, until we picked people in a random draw. From a life-size Shetland pony to a giant sewing machine, random really was random. We created bespoke events in front yards across Australia bringing together family, friends, neighbours and national media. By activating PR we achieved massive amplification - the joy spread from winner’s homes, reaching half of all Australians. There was a plan, but due to the unknown variables, nothing could be set in stone.

The Situation

Joy is completely different for everybody – the challenge was to celebrate something truly unique as one person’s joy, in a way that would bring joy to the rest of Australia. Winners were picked completely at random so prior to the draw we had no control over where the winners were located, which presented logistical problems in a country as vast and remote as Australia. Our six winners stretched every corner of Australia. The challenge of PR was to spread the joy from these homes to rest of Australia – helping Cadbury celebrate one person’s joy, in way that would bring joy to many.

The Strategy

Point of sales and a launch TV drove excitement around this promotion. On pack directed consumers to our website. The website hosted the competition mechanic and presented each and every persons’ joy/their entry. Here six winners were randomly picked during a six-week period, one per week. We engaged multiple skillsets to bring our winners’ joy to life…from chocolatiers, sculptures, performers, MDLZ legal and corporate affairs representatives, to national and local press. All parties had to work closely to ensure the plan was delivered on time with maximum exposure.


Name Company Position
- Wonder Activation Company
- Visual Jazz Isobar Digital Production
- Carat Media
- Definition Films Post Production
- Goodstuff Editing Company
- Goodstuff Production Company
Fergus Cahill Goodstuff Producer
Andrew Mclean Goodstuff Director
Alex Speakman Saatchi/Saatchi Strategic Planner
Catherine Harris Saatchi/Saatchi Group Business Director
Celia Wallace Saatchi/Saatchi Business Director
Claire Colohan Saatchi/Saatchi Agency Producer
Kate Gooden Saatchi/Saatchi Agency Producer
Wassim Kanaan Saatchi/Saatchi Art Director
Jon Burden Saatchi/Saatchi Copywriter
Matt Gilmour Saatchi/Saatchi Creative Director
Damon Stapleton Saatchi/Saatchi Executive Creative Director