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CategoryA01. Mobile Websites and Web Applications
Entrant Company HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Sincerest Thanks To: Michael Glenn/Nick Uemura/Koji Kurosawa/Hisako Sudo/Kohei S
Ryosuke Fukushima Redhill Flame Artist
Takahiro Uchiyama Freelance Music Composer/Music Producer
Hirotaka Matsuoka P-Camp Music Composer
Ryosuke Fujimoto Flows Co-Director/Editor
Yuki Saito Sdp Director
Joji Hayashi Spice Cg Director
Mihiro Matsukawa Erba Holdings Ar Programmer
Ryo Takahashi Erba Holdings Ar Planner
Naoko Soejima Erba Holdings Ar Editor
Shota Nakajima Erba Holdings Ar Director
Yosuke Miura Hakuhodo Products Production Manager
Shinji Asano Hakuhodo Products Producer
Hirohumi Nobuta Hakuhodo Products Producer
Hiroshi Kaneda Hakuhodo Account Director
Takahiro Nagai Hakuhodo Designer
Takuya Fukasawa Hakuhodo Planning Director
Shinya Tokuhisa Hakuhodo Strategic Planning Director
Katsuhiko Suzuki Hakuhodo Cd/Copywriter
Katsuhiko Suzuki Hakuhodo Cd/Art Director

Brief Explanation

CHALLENGE The metropolis of Tokyo is a buzzing hive of activity with hundreds of thousands of distractions—so many in fact that visiting the famous Sunshine Aquarium, which has been around for 35 years, had fallen off many people's radars. To make matters worse, the Aquarium is located in an extremely dense part of the city and it's nearly a kilometer from the nearest station. We had to find a way to attract more visitors to the Aquarium and, just importantly, make sure they had no trouble finding it. IDEA Get the cutest aquarium inhabitant—penguins—to guide visitors to the Aquarium. We designed an augmented reality GPS system featuring penguins that lead the way to the Aquarium. Our GPS penguins walk and move exactly like real penguins. It was a world first: motion capture technology applied to penguins. Humans are naturally entranced by cute animals. With our App, all anyone with mobile phone has to do is follow the penguins. They lead straight to the Aquarium. It's so entertaining that all other distractions go unnoticed. RESULT Attendance at the Sunshine Aquarium increased 152% over the previous month despite no change in exhibition content. People who downloaded the App spent on average more than 9 minutes at a time playing with it. More than 32% of users opened the app more than 7 times and 93% of users planned to recommend it to friends/families. Penguins brought not only people to the Aquarium, they also brought smiles.


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