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Product / ServiceCOCA-COLA
CategoryA06. Integrated Mobile Campaigns
Entrant Company HOST Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency HOST Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Dylan Parker Host Account Manager
Charlotte Glennon Host Producer
Andrew Guirguis Host Head Of Design
Fiona Byrne Host Print Production Director
Kaija Wall Host Broadcast Production Director
Tom Sanders Host Planner
Olly Taylor Host Chief Strategy Officer
Callum Walker Host Business Director
Suzie Shaw Host Ceo
Paul Calway Host Copywriter
Ciaran Mccarthy Host Art Director
Bob Mackintosh Host Executive Creative Director

Brief Explanation

In recent years Coca-Cola has seen ongoing increase in external pressures in Australia. The simple truth is, Coca-Cola doesn’t need to get people to think differently. It needs to get them to act differently – to pick us up rather than pass us by. Our objectives were to deliver a volume increase nearly four times greater than the previous year. Since 2012 was Coca-Cola’s 75th anniversary in Australia, we decided to celebrate by asking Australia to share their favourite musical moments. Our strategy was to connect Coca-Cola with music in a simple shareable way that both inspired greater purchase of our products and delivered real, rich content that demonstrated the brand’s commitment and ability to “Open Happiness.” To discover the country’s favourite musical memories, we partnered with Spotify and Universal Music to turn individual Coca-Cola packs into ‘digital jukeboxes’; on each pack was printed a year between 1938 and 2012 – when scanned with a smartphone 50 classic songs from that year were unlocked. These songs – and the entire Spotify library – could then be shared with friends and family in a purpose-built app running through Facebook and Spotify. Consumers shared a song, the year, the moment or memory it recalled, and the people that were there. This technically challenging idea used smartphones to add real value to the iconic Coca-Cola packs. Not only did they become physical mementos of significant years, but they became literally all-singing, all-dancing interactive, musical instruments capable of opening consumer’s ears to 75 years of music. Furthermore, the app linked to social media allowed our audience to explore other people’s playlists, create their own, and stream and share this content with friends and family. We partnered with three leading music TV stations – MTV, Max and Channel V – to create unique shows curated by Australian Coca-Cola consumers, based on data and insight gained from their interaction with the mobile app. Consumers engaged enormously with our idea. 1.2 million songs were streamed. People spent an average of 5+ minutes on the app. And they engaged through mobile – 85% of web traffic was to the mobile site rather than the desktop site. The brand gained enormously from our activity. ‘Brand love’ increased +4 points to 46% Facebook engagement increased 400% with 73,000 new likes. 240,000,000 unique packs were sold. Volume grew 11.5%. Australia shared songs, they shared moments, and most significantly, they shared packs of Coke.


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