CategoryA02. Mobile Applications and other Downloadable Tools
EntrantI&S BBDO Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company I&S BBDO Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency I&S BBDO Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Satoru Aoki Hurray3 Developer
Norihiko Kanayama Director
Ryuji Nihongi Vsq Manager
Kazuya Wada Vsq Manager
Yojiro Tanaka Vsq Producer
Kohei Omote I/S Bbdo Planner/Copy Writer
Teruo Furuno I/S Bbdo Planner/Art Director
Yoshihisa Ogata I/S Bbdo Executive Creative Director

Brief Explanation

Café date. More and more we see couples out on a date, with the object of their affection sitting right before their eyes … except that they are both transfixed on the screens of their respective smartphones – absorbed in emails, social sites and games. Seattle’s Best Coffee decided they wanted to change the café back to the lively place it once was. So we developed an application that encourages couples to leave their smartphones untouched and frees them from the antisocial addiction. This campaign encourages couples to enjoy fulfilling conversations with each other, restoring a lively atmosphere to cafés, while driving new visitors to the cafés by the couples sharing their happiness with their SNS-connected friends. The campaign is not anti smartphones or social networks. It is simply offering people a new way of socializing with smartphones that is time- and place-appropriate.


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