Product / ServiceCOCA-COLA
CategoryA01. Mobile Websites and Web Applications
Entrant Company BASCULE Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency BASCULE Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Takeshi Maeda Imj Coorporation Front Engineer
Yohei Minami Imj Coorporation Front Engineer
Hitoshi Imai Imj Coorporation System Engineer
Kouta Matsuura Imj Coorporation System Engineer
Taiki Shimazu Imj Coorporation System Engineer
Mayumi Umeda Imj Coorporation System Engineer
Kyoji Kuno Imj Coorporation Designer
Tadayuki Kurokawa Imj Coorporation Production Director
Hiroyoshi Mima Imj Coorporation Production Director
Yoshihiro Fujii Imj Coorporation Production Director
Naoko Ono Imj Coorporation Production Producer
Hideaki Hara Imj Coorporation Production Producer
Tatsuhisa Ishikawa Independent Freelance Interactive Designer
Minoru Sako Independent Freelance Interactive Designer
Shin Takeuchi Bascule Inc. Art Director/Designer
Masami Onodera Bascule Inc. Technical Director
Sho Torii Bascule Inc. Producer
Masayoshi Boku Bascule Inc. Creative Director

Brief Explanation

◇Mission How can we drive consumers to pick up another bottle of Coca-Cola in their daily life? Coca-cola is a brand which is loved by all generation. And has a big share in the market. But recently, the connection of the Brand and the consumers seemed to be weakened. We wanted to encourage our consumers to re-build the connection and interest to the brand. And this was the starting point of this campaign. ◇Approach ・To promote the relevancy of Coca-Cola by making it "about them", year-bottles from 1957(year when first Coca-Cola was sold in Japan) to 2013 were created, and music campaigns where users can listen to the hit songs from those years were launched. ・By Connecting and Re-connecting friends and family who shared memories together by using memorable songs as a trigger to strengthen their ties, the campaign provided the opportunities for people to remember the precious moments with their friends and families, and deepen their bond. ◇Key Points ・Created an "experiential design" for users to buy the product and enter a code to unlock the hit songs from each year and enjoy the music on their mobile devices while drinking Cola. The platform allowed users to enjoy the site from mobile as well as PC anytime anywhere so it can be part of their daily life. ・The users could also share the list of music from the particular year they were listening on SNS to enjoy the experience with others. User actions and expression were indicated in Info graphics, and the site also functioned as a social music player where users could share their memories through the music and utilize it as their new "memory contents". The campaign became a popular topic through the consumers, and was introduced on various TV shows and Internet news. PR activities of the campaign where customers can get engaged with Coke-music was held, and also with an in-store activation using the package motif of the Year bottle, everywhere was filled with Coke Year Bottle. As a result, the sales spiked dramatically and increased more than + 10% from the previous year in March alone. By the end of the campaign, over 1.4million consumers have enjoyed the service.


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