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CategoryA04. Best Use of Ambient Media: Small Scale
Entrant Company HS AD Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Advertising Agency HS AD Seoul, SOUTH KOREA


Name Company Position
Choi Jang Hwan Mtcom Designer
Kim Dong Hyun Hs Ad Art Director
Jung Jung Un Mercury Visual Effects Designer
Lee Jeong Seok Mercury Visual Effects Supervisor
Baek Ji Yun Tokkaebi Sound Designer
Lee Jeong Woo Tokkaebi Sound Designer
Lee Yoon Kyoung Inyoung Comms. Art Director
Kim Min Su Inyoung Comms. Director Of Photography
Kim Seo Young Inyoung Comms. Assistant Director
Kim Do Young Inyoung Comms. Producer
Kim Hyeon Jin Inyoung Comms. Director
Sim Eui Seop Hs Ad Account Planner
Lee Jeong Sil Hs Ad Copywriter
Choi So Jung Hs Ad Copywriter
Lee Ji Young Hs Ad Digital Executive
Kim So Hee Hs Ad Account Executive
Park Hyung Tae Hs Ad Account Executive
Lee Hyo Ryong Hs Ad Creative Director
Prior Stephen Graham Hs Ad Executive Creative Director
Bo Hwang Hs Ad Chief Creative Officer

Results and Effectiveness

At first, people were taken off guard by the farting sound as they sat down on the whoopee cushioned seat. They looked embarrassed because others might mistakenly think they've passed gas. Just then, our advertisement was timed to appear saying: "You need Bifidus Myung Jang Yogurt." People smiled, giggled, and laughed after seeing what this was all about. Also, other passengers were able to enjoy the humorous and memorable experience, which explains the spread through mass media and SNS as well as an impressive result: 27% increase in market share in Seoul and 98% increase in portal sites search ranking.

Creative Execution

It had to be a place in public where you have to sit down, it had to be somewhere for men and women of all ages, and it had to be an area that's appropriate for humor and sounds. And the bus was perfect. In Seoul, Korea, the bus is the most widely used public transportation method and runs all through different parts of the city. The seats are cushioned, unlike the subway trains, which made it even better to hide the whoopee cushion inside. And it allowed the noise to occur since the engine and traffic are already a bit loud.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Our product is a yogurt drink that helps regulate intestinal functions. The objective was to increase brand awareness by reaching a broader target audience and establish a position in the yogurt market since it's a relatively new product. We decided to use non-conventional methods in a way that's entertaining enough to spread through word-of-mouth as well as at the time of exposure. We found that irregular bowel movement is a major cause of excessive gas and bloating. And since our product helps you maintain intestinal health, we created a campaign to let people experience flatulence in the most embarrassing place imaginable: in public. That's how this whoopee cushioned bus seat idea came to life. By making people actually experience the problem rather than showing or telling what it is, we managed to cleverly and creatively relate the problem, how unhealthy intestines can cause flatulence, with the solution, our product.