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CategoryA09. Best Use of Social Media Marketing
Advertising Agency TEQUILA\SINGAPORE Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Joan Leong Activetv Tv Producer
Michael Mckay Activetv Director
Lisa Giffen Tequila\singapore (Tbwa) Tv Producer
Juliette Van Der Burgt Tequila\singapore (Tbwa) Senior Account Manager
Dan Paris Tequila\singapore (Tbwa) Managing Director
Robin Nayak Tequila\singapore (Tbwa) Head Of Strategy
Selwyn Low Tequila\singapore (Tbwa) Copywriter
Justin Leung Tequila\singapore (Tbwa) Art Director
Mel Du Toit Tequila\singapore (Tbwa) Creative Director
Oz Dean Tequila\singapore (Tbwa) Creative Director

Results and Effectiveness

Some key highlights: · 1.5 million online views in Thailand and Indonesia in just 3 days. · Click through rates of over 10% against our target audience. · 111,355 new fans in Thailand and Indonesia. · 4.6 million aggregate views including an estimated 1.3 million based on number of shares from duplicate videos of our content on Facebook. · $18 million in earned media (277 times our investment). · 137,704 shares over Facebook and Twitter. · 2nd most viral branded film over a 7-day period. · Unpaid TV coverage on 64 channels across the USA.

Creative Execution

We launched this film as a Facebook campaign targeting Indonesia and Thailand. Before we seeded the film, we seeded the interest. We posted teasers that suggested what was coming. When we eventually posted the film, our audience was primed for the reveal and instinctively drawn to watch it amidst the barrage of other online content. As Indonesia and Thailand are mobile-heavy markets, it was integral to harness Facebook’s Native Video feature as the video gets pride of place in Facebook’s newsfeed compared to conventionally embedded videos. Sponsored stories were also utilised to encourage reach and awareness. With minimal paid media support, we planned to ignite the most effective medium out there - couples themselves. Our content struck a chord with not only men, but women too. Engaging them on a topic they both could relate to naturally triggered them to start conversations and become instant spokespeople of the film.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Our task was to get people talking about Heineken’s UEFA Champions League sponsorship, focussing on Indonesia and Thailand. Conventionally this would conjure glorious football imagery that’s out of reach in everyday life - players, trophies, etc. Instead we disrupted with a challenge closer to men’s hearts. While women may not comprehend their men’s addiction to football, they generally let men have their way as long as it doesn’t cost them anything. As a brand, Heineken champions ingenuity. We wanted to prove that men are just as inventive in getting their way with their football fanaticism even at the expense of something their partners care about. In this case, their home furnishing. We filmed couples coming across ugly, overpriced stadium seats at a furniture store and asked men to persuade their partners to buy them for the home. The first to succeed would win tickets to the UEFA Champions League Final.