Product / ServiceROADSHOW
CategoryA03. Best Use of Outdoor
Entrant Company McCANN WORLDGROUP Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Advertising Agency McCANN WORLDGROUP Hong Kong, HONG KONG


Name Company Position
Wing Cheng/Warren Hui Editor
Dick Fai Cameraman
Dick Fai Director
Seesaw Production House
Penelope Yau Mccann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Media Director
Timonthy Li/Tonkie Chan/Jazon Chan Mccann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Art Director
Andy Wong/James Reeves/Harry Chau Mccann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Copywriter
Chris Fong/Michael Li/Law Chi Hang Mccann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Creative Director
Spencer Wong Mccann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Executive Creative Director
Spencer Wong Mccann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Chief Creative Officer

Results and Effectiveness

With THE QUESTION BUS, we helped ROADSHOW brought entertainment outside of the screen. Within just 4 weeks, the game has been played for over 1 million times.

Creative Execution

We packed 10 regular buses with questions inside-out. We teased the consumers with 1000 questions that kept on rolling on our in-bus TV screens - questions ranging from current events, social issues, the latest trends to IQ tests. And music was the answer! After one question popped, we played a music video on the screen as the answer to the question. 1000 questions answered by 1000 music videos. Passengers could scan the QR code printed on the seat back to pick their answers. They can even shre the fun and challenge their friends with any of our questions.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

ROADSHOW, an entertainment channel on buses all over Hong Kong discovered that passengers don't love watching their in-bus programmes anymore. With a brand new music video library, we were tasked by pulling the passengers' attention back to Roadshow's in-bus TV screen. And we didn't go just the traditional way by creating more programmes, but instead leveraged on the brand new music library to create a unique and entertaining in-bus experience for all passengers.