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EntrantPHD Mumbai, INDIA
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Name Company Position
Somit Basak Omd India Group Head Digital
Akshay Bhamble Omd India Media Supervisor
Shrikant Deokar Omd India Associate Business Director
Ajay Varghese Omd India Business Director
Lalit Agarwal Omd India Associate Vice President

Results and Effectiveness

Impacting the lives of underprivileged women in India : About 800,000 girls have been touched by the initiative till date Scores for key mind measures for the brand have risen significantly in Q3 2012 over Q1 2012 Socially responsible brand up by 28% Stands for women’s welfare up by 31% Progressive brand up by 14% 450K+ youtube views of the anthem within the 1st 10 days of launch. 80 blogs with 1.9 mn views More than 11,000 views of the anthem through QR scan of the print ads Winner of the GRAND PRIX at the Internationalists Awards for Media Innovation 2013

Creative Execution

Stayfree tied up with UNICEF, various NGOs and government organizations to work towards the betterment of lives of underprivileged women and get urban women participation for the cause. Campaign executed in three phases: 1. Sensitize Stayfree created an anthem to evoke strong reactions from people by showcasing the plight of a young girl as she moves from carefree childhood to constrained adolescence due to onset of periods. Launched exclusively on Youtube, with ‘free-play’ on Music and lifestyle TV channels The Branded version launched after 10 days & to strengthen credibility, eminent personalities from films and television roped in. Promoted through high impact TV, radio and print ads in major English dailies. 2. Tell Highlighted two specific issues facing underprivileged women through high impact TV, print, radio and digital campaigns -School dropouts -Malnutrition 3. Engage High interaction achieved by-“Bloggers Meet in Mumbai and an exclusive “Women for Change” Facebook page

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Only 12% menstruating women in India use sanitary napkins. Lack of education and hygiene facilities in rural India, led to larger issues like malnutrition and school dropouts. Being a women’s hygiene brand Stayfree decided to help underprivileged women in India Key challenge: “How Stayfree could impact the lives of underprivileged women in India and simultaneously build equity amongst premium audiences”? Insight: Under-privileged women: Lack of education about menstrual hygiene and lack of facilities Privileged women: Unaware of the hardships faced by the marginalized section of women. We decided to “Sensitize the privileged and drive participation towards educating and helping the underprivileged