CategoryA04. Best Use of Ambient Media: Small Scale
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Name Company Position
Claire Dooney Y/R Account Director
Barry Niven Y/R Print Producer
Scott Cricket Y/R Designer
Tim O'neill Y/R Designer
Jason Wells Y/R Creative Planner
Tom Paine Y/R Associate Creative Director
Lisa Dupre Y/R Art Director
Scott Henderson Y/R Creative Director/Writer
Josh Moore Y/R Executive Creative Director

Results and Effectiveness

The Standard Glass launched to immediate attention – with over 2 million media impressions on launch day alone. Nationwide coverage – across both news and social media – exhausted our entire production run in a matter of hours. So we pulled our advertising – to produce more glasses. By the day's end, they'd gone too. Over 10,000 Standard Glasses were claimed in the first day alone - with ‘’ traffic increasing 50 times over. We’d created national awareness, and shown real demand for our approach. And with Standard Glasses continuing to be adopted by companies and venues across NZ, our results are just beginning.

Creative Execution

This initiative created the most targeted media approach possible – by turning the moment of consumption into a media channel. The ‘Standard Glass’ didn’t just make the solution simple – it put it right in front of our audience at the most relevant moment. The product itself was our core media channel… long lasting, highly targeted, able to be used by one drinker after another, with no ongoing costs. So the rest of our activity was about putting it into as many hands as possible. Our producer partners contributed TV, print, outdoor and online media – while we created nationwide media attention around our launch. We also linked the glass to pre-existing ‘advice tools’ – so as users thought about their ‘standard drinks’, they saw our solution. And when a venue or individual ordered their glasses – we made sure they could invite friends to claim a set as well.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

The Cheers! brand was created by NZ's major alcohol producers - to help all NZ drinkers make better choices. Our brief was to establish the brand – and define it by real actions, not words. So we found one of the biggest barriers to change – that most Kiwis, just don't know how much they’re really drinking. All health, alcohol and road safety advice is based on the ‘Standard Drink’ – the alcohol your body can process in one hour. But very few Kiwi’s know how much a standard drink actually is… a bottle? A pint? Because the ‘standard’ measurement didn’t translate to anything a drinker could actually drink from, it only added to the confusion. So we turned a confusing measurement, into an everyday product –the Standard Glass. An initial run of glasses was made available to venues and drinkers across New Zealand via PR, advertising, and the Cheers! website.