Short List
Product / ServiceLAMB
CategoryC01. Integrated Media Campaign
EntrantUM Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Media Agency 2 UM Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company UM Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Media Agency UM Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Jennifer Williams Haussmann Client Service Manager
Kelly Howard Bmf Account Director
Aaron Quirk Connect Head Of Integration
Andrew Cox Mla Domestic Marketing Manager
Ben Gibbs Um Australia Trader
Tobias Young Um Australia Investment Manager
Simon Grace Um Australia Investment Director
Ed Passarotti Um Australia Account Manager
Hugo Cutrone Um Australia Communications Director
David Gray Um Australia Strategist

Results and Effectiveness

One in 2 grocery buyers was exposed to Lambnesia; one in 23 watched the TV program and one in 40 took the National Lambnesia Test. Test results confirmed 294,000 cases of Lambnesia and thanks to the social traction of the idea conversations about Lamb doubled. The Lambnesia epidemic sent people rushing for a cure to their un-Australian thoughts: • The number of people that believe Lamb is the patriotic choice on Australia Day increased by 25% - from 77% to a massive 96% of the population. • Sales of Lamb increased by 48%.

Creative Execution

The first infection: Live on TV Lamb’s famous ambassador Sam Kekovich was knocked out in a seemingly innocent accident. Strange social updates hinted that something was wrong. Content seeped into the media and sparked public concern. Our most loved Australian was acting… well un-Australian. Lambnesia had struck. The epidemic: Media was used to warn Australians of the contagious nature of Lambnesia. Outdoor and point-of-sale posters targeted people in areas of congestion, high frequency radio & digital kept the threat ever-present, and social seeding spread the paranoia. A TV program was even created to highlight the early warning signs of the disease. The treatment: The National Lambnesia Test was created to diagnose un-Australian behaviour. Social channels were used to enlist examinees and spread the results, whilst street teams picked on worried pedestrians. The test prescribed the only cure to Lambnesia: a healthy dose of Lamb.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Lamb is Australia’s favourite meat and is often eaten on our national day. But so too are sausages, burgers and meat pies. The brief: “Last year was our best ever but this one needs to be better. Just sell more Lamb on Australia Day.” Enough of asking nicely, it was time to break with conventions. The insight: No Aussie wants to feel un-Australian, especially on our national day. The request to “better” Lamb sales led to the creation of nationwide paranoia that something terribly un-Australian was taking over. The idea: The LAMBNESIA EPIDEMIC. Lambnesia is a disease that allows un-Australian thoughts to enter one’s brain. It strikes when you least expect and is highly contagious. The only known cure for Lambnesia: eating Lamb on Australia Day. From the first infection to a topic of national concern, media constructed the entire Lambnesia epidemic and prescribed Australians the cure.