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EntrantUM Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Media Agency 2 UM Sydney, AUSTRALIA
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Media Agency UM Sydney, AUSTRALIA


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Clare Zappia Um Australia Implementation Planner/Trader
Johan Hargreaves Um Australia Communications Director
Kimberly Arnold Um Australia Investment Director
Stefan Burford Um Australia Head Of Strategy
David Haddad Um Australia Group Director
Mat Baxter Um Australia Ceo

Results and Effectiveness

14,400 posters were individually printed and installed. For the first time in two years News Limited newspapers enjoyed circulation growth of 8% - equating to revenue growth of approximately $36m. In some instances sales in newsagents located near outdoor sites grew by a whopping 25%. Feedback from advertisers and media agencies was resoundingly positive. Many stated newspapers were “back on the radar”. Bill Athanassiou, Sales Director of JCDecaux said, “This is the most innovative outdoor campaign we’ve seen. It is the first time in the world a campaign this ambitious has ever been attempted, let alone pulled off.”

Creative Execution

To deliver ‘Fast Front Pages’ we created the most innovative and logistically complex outdoor campaign ever attempted. First we persuaded editorial teams to change headlines to suit outdoor panels – a huge feat. Then we created a process that worked liked clockwork, night after night, to post the headlines by 6am to reach morning commuters. As soon as the front page was set by newsrooms (around 11pm each night) it was electronically despatched for printing in their state. With just 7 hours to print and install 370 posters we created dedicated digital printing facilities and brought in additional printers. Finally we hired a crack team of installers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to collect the posters at 3am each morning and post all sites in just 3 hours. By 6am a new headline sat in all the outdoor panels. This process took place every single day for 8 weeks.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

There are few tougher briefs an agency can receive: increase circulation of News Limited newspapers in a marketplace declining on average 8.6% per year. The daily headline is the most hotly debated line of editorial yet “read all about it” headlines are no longer shouted to us from the streets. In fact unless you have a newspaper delivered to your home, or pop into a newsagent or petrol station you might never even see one nowadays. The insight: headlines sell newspapers but people rarely see them anymore. We set out to demonstrate the agenda setting relevance of newspapers. Every. Single. Day. Front pages were no longer the sole domain of the editorial teams; they were pieces of advertising with a limited lifespan of 12 hours. The idea: FAST FRONT PAGES. The front page of News Limited newspapers posted across hundreds of outdoor sites by 6am, every day, for 8 weeks.