Product / ServiceICE NO MI
CategoryA02. Best Use of Magazines/Newspapers
Entrant Company ENGINE FILM Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency ENGINE FILM Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency 2 DENTSU Osaka, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Yuki Mori Dentsu Tec Inc. Kansai Web Producer
Naoto Shigemasa Dentsu Tec Inc. Kansai Web Producer
Masaki Goto Illustrator
Sakiko Matsui Akb48 Piano Player
Ryu Kato Production Designer
Shinichi Miyaki Lighting Director
Yoshiyuki Hata Photographer
Akihiro Okabayashi Cinematographer
Masaki Fukumori Three And Co. Art Director
Tatsuyuki Kobayashi Director
Susumu Kawasumi Engine Film Inc. Production Producer
Michiru Kobayashi Engine Film Inc. Production Producer
Daisuke Matsushita Dentsu Inc. Agency Producer
Shin Kijima Dentsu Inc. Agency Producer
Taichi Sayama Dentsu Inc. Art Director
Kosuke Matsushita Dentsu Inc. Planner/Copywriter
Takatoshi Nakao Dentsu Inc. Planner/Copywriter
Tomoaki Tsuji Dentsu Inc. Creative Director
Gosho Aoyama Executive Producer
Yasushi Akimoto Executive Producer

Results and Effectiveness

The Ice-cold Murder Files continued to occupy people's attention throughout the long 3-month summer season and resulted in the following accomplishments. Television news coverage: 49 times Newspaper and magazine coverage: 88 times Web site coverage: 587 times Campaign website access: 23 million views

Creative Execution

The biggest highlight was that the TV ad was aired in conjunction with the manga series published in a weekly manga magazine. This was an unprecedented and innovative media mix. Since the manga magazine was longer and had 10 episodes, special hints limited to the manga were released, capturing more attention. The manga became a popular hit. Readers were able to see scenes in the mange come to real life in the live action commercial portrayed by actual popular talents. This also attracted attention. Viewers other than AKB48 fans liked this approach and this project ended in a success.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

The aim was to keep the consumers interested throughout the 3-month summer season that produces the majority of the frozen dessert sales. That's why we came up with a new ad system; a mystery novel series ad. In the story, a member of Japan's most popular idol group, AKB48, is murdered during a TV commercial shoot. This incident develops into a serial murder case. What's more, the killer is one of the group's members. As the mystery story progressed in the TV ad, an original 10-episode mystery manga also progressed in a popular weekly manga magazine. This manga became such a hit that we succeeded in occupying people's attention during the long 3-month summer season.