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Product / ServiceWWF CHINA
CategoryA07. Best Use of Digital Media
EntrantBBH CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Entrant Company BBH CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Advertising Agency BBH CHINA Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Stephanie Yip Bbh China Pr Manager
Owen Sim C3 Interactive Digital Project Manager
Jane Chen Bbh China Account Manager
Finnian O'neill Bbh China Head Of Account Management
Jonathan Koh Bbh China Engagement Planner
Darius Karbassioun Bbh China Engagement Planning Director
Yilin Lin Bbh China Digital Producer
Zizi Shi Bbh China Art Director
Carol Ong Bbh China Associate Creative Director
Yinbo Ma Bbh China Creative Director
Michelle Wu Bbh China Copywriter
Aaron Koh Bbh China Art Director
Johnny Tan Bbh China Executive Creative Director

Results and Effectiveness

China’s biggest portals put rivalries aside and blacked out over 50 million PC, tablet, and mobile screens for one hour. That’s 10% of China’s netizens experiencing our movement in just an hour. Web Visit also increased by 630%. Without spending a cent on media.

Creative Execution

We started the Digital Earth Hour. We made it easy for China’s biggest portals to unite. We programmed the Earth Hour Code that allows them to digitally turn off their lights, as a symbol of their support. When netizens logged on to their favorite sites, their PC, tablet, and mobile screens blacked out, allowing them to experience the movement. A spotlight lights only the portion they want to view, the message: “Light only what you need.” They’re directed to the Earth Hour website to learn concrete ways on conserving resources on a daily basis. The biggest challenge that we faced in pulling it off was getting all the major digital platforms to put aside rivalries and unite around a great cause.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Earth Hour is still a very small movement in China. How do we get them interested in the movement and learn more about conservation? We translated the symbolic show of support to the environment in a way that’s relevant to the Chinese. We started the Digital Earth Hour.