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CategoryA04. Best Use of Ambient Media: Small Scale


Name Company Position
Kurt Yang Publicis Sh Copywriter
Wanling Yu Sanofi Advertiser's Supervisor
Elsa Chou Publicis Sh Account Supervisor
Cugi Tsai Neptunus Photographer
Wirland Wu Freelancer Photographer
Terri Yuan Publicis Sh Art Buyer
Leo Jin Publicis Sh Designer
Hanna Han Publicis Sh Designer
Liron Qiu Publicis Sh Art Director
Ivan Liu Publicis Sh Creative Director/Copywriter
Akae Wang Publicis Sh Executive Creative Director/Copywriter
Sheena Jeng Publicis Sh Chief Creative Officer/Copywriter/Planner
Erik Vervroegen Publicis World Wide Creative Director

Results and Effectiveness

The product causes immediate response and effect. It removes the fear of injections among children. A budget of US1000 was spent to make 100 different styles of balloon-like containers that were used during the campaign held in three Shanghai Children's hospitals. Many parents and children recorded the campaign and shared it on Weibo. More hospitals are planning to work with Sanofi to promote the campaign in other cities in a long-term period. Articles reported by five medical and health magazines, and design magazines. After the documentary film was uploaded, viewership hit 137682 times within 2 weeks and still rising.

Creative Execution

Hospitals create fear for children as its environment is frigid and its equipment being frightening. Such medical environment has become a communication platform after a little modification. A balloon-like container is designed to hold infusion bags, with infusion tubes attached to it. During the treatment, it would look as though children are holding floating balloons. This is called the 'Happy Shot'! Patients and parents were the best communication channels, as they were glad to share this surprise and joy with their family and friends through different medium. Press reports and online documentary videos also enabled large viewership and greater influence.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Sanofi has been focusing on Chinese children's well-being for a long time, and realized that many children are afraid of injections. An idea was generated to design a special packaging for infusion bottles, anticipating that ill children will like this lovely packaging. It is expected that children would get distracted with this and withdraw fear while getting injections. At the same time, it is hoped that Sanofi could portray the positive brand image of showing care and concern to children.