CategoryA03. Best Use of Outdoor
Entrant Company CONTAGION Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Advertising Agency CONTAGION Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


Name Company Position
Carl Moody Bootleg Director
Dean Taylor Contagion Ceo
Emma Woods Contagion Client Service
Phila Lagaluga Contagion Designer
Verity Dookia Contagion Creative
Dan Walton Contagion Creative
Bridget Taylor Contagion Creative Director

Results and Effectiveness

Essentially, we got a big impact special build for the small price of a billboard skin. With over 100,000 people driving past the billboard, awareness of the product grew (ironically like a weed). In half the time, Kiwicare doubled their target. It’s cemented Kiwicare’s position as a company that takes the hassle out of chores and gets those big jobs done fast. Now as these men sit in traffic, they’ve got a chore-free weekend ahead of them.

Creative Execution

This perfectly positioned billboard was being used for another campaign. It was for a TV show based on fairytales called Once Upon A Time. The billboard had been transformed into a 30m beanstalk. For a month, our audience had been idling past. While they saw a gigantic vine, we saw an opportunity. We negotiated with the previous advertiser to take down their vine for them for free, on the condition that we could use it first. But in the eyes of the public, we hijacked the billboard for Kiwicare’s Weed Weapon. Over 5 days, we systematically showed how this weed killer could take down the biggest weeds with ease. Every day at 5pm, the weed would be at furthering stages of demise. Until it was gone forever. Living, well actually, dying proof that with Weed Weapon, weeds are dead to the roots, dead fast.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Kiwicare is a little known New Zealand company. They created a new weed weapon product and needed to launch it in a very boring and hugely rational category. Their target audience was the domesticated man. He works all week and is expected to do an endless amount of chores all weekend. His aim is to get those chores done as quickly as possible, so he can get back to doing the things he loves. We needed a real world demonstration that would prove this new weed killer could get the job done fast. Even on unimaginably big jobs. So, on a famously standstill intersection in Auckland city, there is a billboard seen by thousands in rush hour traffic on their way back from work. Our audience has plenty of time to think about the chores that await them at home. So, this was the ideal place to speak to them.