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Product / ServiceTHE TOKYO SHIMBUN
CategoryA08. Best Use of Other Digital Platforms (Incl. Mobile Devices)
EntrantDENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN

Results and Effectiveness

The newspaper became a medium read by both parent and child (37% of user households, according to research conducted by the Tokyo Shimbun) and became an educational tool for children. We received a lot of feedback from parents that the newspaper helps to educate their children. The Tokyo Shimbun received new business opportunities: Several companies published ads targeting both parents and children in the Tokyo Shimbun using this service. The kind of reaction we received can be seen in the number of AR reading app downloads: a +2100% jump.

Creative Execution

We analyzed the situation of newspapers. We got the two ideas; 1-Creating new target of newspapers as children, 2-Creating new value as a educational tool. And we realized that two ideas using smartphones. The most important point was that digital tools made a future of newspapers, old media. Usage of media made ​​it very simple. By smartphones holding over the newspaper, articles for adults changed into ones for kids. This simplicity leads to ease of use of the service for the readers, and led to maximize the effect.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

The challenge was to create a future for newspapers at large. If newspapers become readable for children, they will contribute to family communication and to child education. So, we changed the newspaper into a medium read by both parent and child, and transform it into an educational tool for children with smartphones, their favorite toy.


Name Company Position
Takaaki Tezuka Taki Corporation Designer
Kenichiro Kuroiwa Taki Corporation Designer
Tomohisa Komiya Taki Corporation Designer
Yoichi Tsunekado Taki Corporation Designer
Tsukasa Yamamoto Taki Corporation Production Director
Kei Kohara Taki Corporation Production Producer
Hisanao Tenmyo Taki Corporation Production Producer
Hiroshi Kanou Taki Corporation Production Producer
Fumihiro Yokoyama Taki Corporation Production Producer
Tomoaki Miyata Dentsu Inc. Copywriter
Masashi Omae Dentsu Inc. Copywriter
Makoto Kanabayashi Dentsu Inc. Interactive Producer
Yasuo Kabasawa Dentsu Inc. Media Producer
Norihito Sako Dentsu Inc. Planning Director
Satoshi Ogawa Dentsu Inc. Agency Producer
Masaharu Kurosu Dentsu Inc. Creative Director/Art Director
Hirofumi Hayashi Dentsu Inc. Creative Director/Copywriter