Product / ServiceNIKE RUNNING
CategoryA03. Best Use of Outdoor
Advertising Agency WIEDEN+KENNEDY SHANGHAI Shanghai, CHINA
Media Agency KINETIC Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Rodion Yudasin Wieden/Kennedy Shanghai Planner
Michelle Gao Wieden/Kennedy Shanghai Account Manager
Chang Qing Lee Wieden/Kennedy Shanghai Retoucher
Rony Shao Wieden/Kennedy Shanghai Art Buyer
White Illustrator
Twoqee Illustrator
Xiaolonghua Illustrator
Kzeng Illustrator
Super Zhang Illustrator
More Tong Illustrator
Jok Jiang Wieden/Kennedy Shanghai Designer
Fish Ho Wieden/Kennedy Shanghai Designer
Radio Woon Wieden/Kennedy Shanghai Designer
Shanshan Quan Wieden/Kennedy Shanghai Copywriter
Cook Xu Wieden/Kennedy Shanghai Copywriter
Melvin Tan Wieden/Kennedy Shanghai Art Director
Kevin Lunsong Wieden/Kennedy Shanghai Art Director
Michael Simons Wieden/Kennedy Shanghai Executive Creative Director
Achilles Li Wieden/Kennedy Shanghai Executive Creative Director
Terence Leong Wieden/Kennedy Shanghai Creative Director

Results and Effectiveness

While other brands dropped out after the first 10KM, Nike's inspirational messages were at every upslope, downhill, steep climb and zigzag, all the way to the finish line. We created an experience that Shanghai runners embraced and felt proud of. News picked up the buzz and social media amplified it. By inspiring the runners themselves, we ended up inspiring the whole city.

Creative Execution

We identified 72 moment where runners would need encouragement. We made up media when there wasn't any and built our own when it wasn't for sale. These outdoor locations include billboards, building wrap, bus wrap, bridge wrap, flags, etc. From the 'it's too cold and early' stretch at the starting point at the bund, to the 'Your will against this hill' for the will-breaker upslope before the last long stretch, to the 'Our destination is beyond the finish line.' at the finishing line of the marathon race. The message was deployed throughout the route where runners would need encouragement.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

As a sponsor of the Shanghai Marathon, Nike took inspiration from the cityscape, the streets, and the culture to create an experience to fuel runners throughout the entire route. As a brand that understands the minds of athletes and as runners ourselves, we identified 72 moments where runners would need encouragement. Then taking inspiration from a marathon runner's perspective, we created a visual language that was familiar to them - manhole covers. A team of 11 local artists were assembled to create a series of manhole cover designs that were based on the iconography of the city. Each one of them had a message that would inspire, motivate or delight runners in a uniquely Shanghainese way. We then deployed them throughout the route.