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CategoryA06. Best Use of Special Events And Stunt/Live Advertising
EntrantZENITH Beijing, CHINA
Media Agency 2 ZENITH Beijing, CHINA
Entrant Company ZENITH Beijing, CHINA
Media Agency ZENITH Beijing, CHINA


Name Company Position
Ting Lin Zenith Planner
Olivia Sun Zenith Planning Manager
Jingqi Ji Zenith Planning Manager
Prince Zhang Zenith Associate Planning Director
Tracy Zhang Zenith Deputy General Manager

Results and Effectiveness

(1) 180 millions TV impressions in nationwide, 50% audience watched TVC at least one time (2) 36 millions impressions in online, 930,000 activity participates, 5.3 millions play times of mini-film, 210,000 social networking sharing times, estimated 28 million blog fans influnced (3) 200 media reports, including many strong influencing media, e.g. CCTV,, (4) Sales uplifted 47% year on year, marketing ROI 49.12 (marketing ROI = net income growth/ marketing budget growth) (5) Get high degree of recognition from client, The Chinese New Year ‘s ‘Great Trek’ has now become a fundamental fixture of Dettol’s annual marketing plans

Creative Execution

Dettol started with a ‘Golden Ticket’, online hub where consumers could win free ticket home – most prized commodity at that time (1) Utilize high reached paid media to rapidly amplify the activity & break through CNY occasion: tailor made ‘Intimate’ TVC copy to build awareness; create special social event on, digital player with biggest coverage in China, tailor-made a long-format online film made about a young son’s emotional journey home to set up impressive emotional association, asking travelers to ‘tell us your story’ and share; thousands more could get a free shuttle bus and hygiene kit, volunteers were on hand to help travelers with their luggage (2) Leverage Dettol owned media to make synergetic impact: free tickets Luck draw in-store and similar interaction in official sina weibo (3) Free tickets/ touching film were best unutilized by paid and owned media, create big consumer’s auto social spread, earned value

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Dettol handwash helps keep people healthy through better hand hygiene. But how do you convince 1.6bn Chinese of this when they’ve barely heard of you? If you want to capture the imagination of the world’s biggest nation, you need a pretty spectacular event to do so. The Chinese New Year festivities are the single biggest human migration on earth. In one week, 300 million people head back to their families and their hometowns. There is truly no other phenomenon like this on earth. Germs like nothing more than a spot of human travel to transfer, multiply and start the seasonal explosion of colds and viruses. So this, of course, makes Chinese New Year the unhealthiest event on the planet. Dettol, as a relative newcomer to China, would sponsor the Chinese New Year’s ‘Great Trek Home’, bringing hygiene and health to millions of Chinese travelers.