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CategoryA05. Best Use of Ambient Media: Large Scale
Media Agency SPARK PHD Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
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Ying Yu Spark Phd Buyer
Kim Gribble Spark Phd Planner/Buyer
Amanda Cater Spark Phd Media Director

Results and Effectiveness

The campaign shifted Surf into the coveted No. 1 market share position– knocking heavy-weight laundry brand Persil (Omo) off the top spot for the first time in years! Surf delivered an outstanding share result of 27.3% - smashing our target of 26.0% and the FY11 share position of 24.5% Not only that, but double digit growth was seen across Loyalty and Average Weight of Purchase measures. By tapping into the power of the senses Surf successfully overcame a reliance on price for business success.

Creative Execution

Shopping at the mall was an important ‘me moment’ our busy mums savoured, visiting several times a week. We enhanced this key moment with the scent of Surf. At the heart of our campaign was a global media first : SCENTED MALL DOORS Using a process that was developed specifically for this campaign, concentrated Surf fragrance was infused into the actual ink that was used to print the door decals, so the smell of Surf was evident as shoppers walked into the Top 15 malls across New Zealand. The creative tagline invited shoppers to smell the scent of Surf as they walked through the doors, providing a fragrant brand experience.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Laundry brand Surf was in hot water. Consumers shop on price and Surf’s brand loyalty and share were in decline. We needed consumers to buy Surf because they loved it, not because it was on promotion. The core insight lay within the fact that smell is a key driver of brand loyalty. Research suggests that we are 100x more likely to remember something we smell than something we see, hear, or touch, improving brand memory and customer loyalty. Shoppers told us Surf’s fragrance was the best compared to our competitors. Communicating Surf’s superior fragrance was our greatest opportunity to drive differentiation Research revealed our target audience loved experiencing sensorial pleasure – but they’re busy and on the go. To connect emotionally, communications had to be relevant and tap into the everyday lives and routines of our audience. Our strategy was simple: Enhance everyday moments with the fragrant delight of Surf