Gold Spike
Product / ServiceZIMA
CategoryA04. Ambient/Alternative Media
Entrant Company HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN

The Brief

Zima, an alcohol brand standing by club culture, wants to innovate music itself to move music culture forward.

Creative Execution

They invented The Z-MACHINES robot band. They allowed people to play instruments beyond human capabilities and unlimited human creativity.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

The guitar robot can go as fast as 1200 beats per minute, 5 times the speed of a pro human guitarist. The drum robot can play any complicated beats imaginable, by being able to play 22 drums simultaneously. The keyboard robot play by laser. We set them open to people who want to use it via internet. This inspired musicians to create something new, and many artists made music with it.


ZIMA always support people who want to create a party culture.


Name Company Position
Masahiko Atsumi Tow Inc. Producer
Yusuke Yamanaka Aid-Dcc Inc. Assistant Producer
Tomohiro Umeyama Aoi Pro. Inc. Production Manager
Hisaya Sato Aoi Pro. Inc. Producer
Shoko Akutagawa Aoi Pro. Inc. Chief Producer
Naofumi Yonetsuka Haunted Ltd Producer
Kenjiro Matsuo Invisible Designs Lab.ltd Composer
Yohei Konishi Hakuhodo Inc. Planner
Misato Sakamoto Hakuhodo Inc. Copy
Yuya Takiguchi Hakuhodo Inc. Planner
Hitorshi Sakamoto Hakuhodo Inc. Copy
Kentaro Harano Hakuhodo Inc. Art Director
Jun Hatano Hakuhodo Inc. Planner
Yoshitaka Honda Hakuhodo Inc. Planner
Takayuki Hino Six Inc. Creative Director
Takao Yanagi Hakuhodo Dy Media Partners Inc. Creative Producer
Jin Saito Six Inc. Creative Director