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CategoryB05. Public Service, Charity & Fund Raising
EntrantBMF Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company BMF Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency BMF Sydney, AUSTRALIA

The Brief

The Footpath Library is an Australian charity which shares the gift of literacy with the homeless by providing them with books. The books they provide are treated as gifts, and only those in good condition are used. Launching in Sydney we were tasked with increasing donations of books. To do this we had to make existing book buyers who already understand the value of literacy to donate the books they purchase before they become broken or old.

Creative Execution

The idea targets existing book buyers and communicates with them both when they are already looking to buy new books, and again once they have finished reading them and are ready to donate.By creating a new innovation we made our books exciting to shoppers while also making the donation process easier. The books could be directed to various distribution centres throughout Australia, and received in the same condition as when they were sent - an important part of the ethos of the charity.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

We created a new type of dust jacket, in partnership with Random House, and called it Mailbooks For Good. When readers have finished reading their books, they are instructed to turn the cover inside out, turning the book into a pre-paid, pre-addressed parcel. The parcels are then ready to send directly to the charity for distribution.


Mailbooks For Good is already running in Sydney with a launch collection of five different adults and children’s titles by prominent Australian authors including Peter Fitzsimons, and the awarded Nick Earls and Stephen Dando-Collins. The dust jacket design is pending global patent. In partnership with Random House an international roll-out is planned for the near future. Mailbooks titles continue to outsell their regular counterparts.


Name Company Position
Laura Sampedro BMF Sydney Executive Creative Director
Carlos Alija BMF Sydney Executive Creative Director
Sian Binder BMF Sydney Head Of Art
Simon Koay BMF Sydney Art Director
Tim Smith BMF Sydney Copywriter
Iva Madderom BMF Sydney Graphic Designer
Conor Bevan BMF Sydney Graphic Designer
Alex Caredes BMF Sydney Director Of Business Development
Brad Smith BMF Sydney Account Director
Alex Macarthur BMF Sydney Production Director