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CategoryB02. Consumer Products
EntrantGP Y&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company GP Y&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency GP Y&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

The Brief

As general economic belt-tightening kicked in, people were looking for any way to save on their household budget. Insurance was one of the costs that people were shopping around on price for - a problem for the premium brand, Suncorp Insurance. We wanted to target suburbs where our premiums were the most competitive with a relevant storm season message.

Creative Execution

Most Direct Mail goes in the letterbox, ours went on the letterbox. We created Direct Mail mini-tarps, like the ones used during storm season that communicated our insurance credentials. Carefully hung on each letterbox, like they would be hung on a storm-damaged roof, they provided a potent reminder of the reason to choose Suncorp. And most importantly, allowed us to be local-area targeted.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

We knew compelling DM would be the best way to make people question their choice of a lower-priced insurance. We wanted to remind them of the confidence that comes from having insurance you can count on - and then encourage them to call for a quote immediately with a strong response element.


Of the existing customers we targeted with this campaign, we achieved a total 92% retention rate. In customer acquisition, we grew total home units by 35% year on year, in the first half of the campaign period and 18% in the second half of the campaign period. That’s an average year on year growth of 26.5%.


Name Company Position
Amanda Bowden Suncorp Insurance Marketing
Natalie Choules Suncorp Insurance Marketing
Chris Wilton Suncorp Insurance Marketing
Samara Schulz Gpy/R Account Manager
Fiona Caird Gpy/R Group Account Director
Todd Williams Gpy/R Operations Director
Bernie Watt Gpy/R Copywriter
Carl Robertson Gpy/R Art Director
Andrew Thompson Gpy/R Creative Director