Product / ServiceGILLETTE GUARD
CategoryA04. Ambient/Alternative Media
Entrant Company BBDO INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Advertising Agency BBDO INDIA Mumbai, INDIA

The Brief

PROBLEM: 400 million Indian men shave with the double edge razor. They are used to nicks and cuts that they get from the DE razor. CHALLENGE: How to convince these men to change their shaving tradition and switch to the modern day Gillette Guard - the razor that promises no nicks or cuts. INSIGHT: Over time you lose a lot of blood when you shave with the double edge razor.

Creative Execution

DE razor users were immune to nicks and cuts. Not only did this make them lose blood, but also made them indifferent towards Gillette Guard, the razor promising the safest shave. Meanwhile, Indian hospitals and blood banks are always facing a dearth of blood. Gillette decided to turn this into a win-win situation. They realised that regular advertising would not stir their disinterested target audience. That's why they created awareness about the importance of blood and how DE users waste it. This direct consumer involvement not only increased number of blood donors, but also the number of Gillette Guard users.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Idea: You don't get nicks and cuts when you shave with Gillette Guard. Please donate the blood you save. Thus was born the 'Shave to Save' program. In association with the Indian Red Cross, Gillette set up blood donation camps. Here, donors were introduced to Gillette Guard – the new way of saving blood. They experienced the Gillette Guard razor first hand. The message spread through word of mouth. Social media does not reach the tier 3 and 4 Indian towns where Gillette operates. Soon blood wasters became blood donors.


The program is travelling and is now being carried out in over 45 small towns of India. Blood wasters are now becoming blood donors.


Name Company Position
Sumit Sawardekar Editor
Raghav Subbu/Sunil Garud/Kiran Patankar Photographer
Shouvik Basu 10 Films Producer
Kiran Dodiya/Shyam Gursahani/Madonna Dsouza Encompass
Rajeev Mohite Bbdo India Editor
Hitesh Shah/Shankar Yelugu/Sameet Koyand/Venkatesh Pagidimarry Bbdo India Retouch Artist
Keegan D'mello Bbdo India Account Director
Josy Paul/Rajdeepak Das/Sandeep Sawant/Indrajeet Kadam/Sagar Jadhav/Gunjan Podda Bbdo India Art Director
Josy Paul/Rajdeepak Das/Sandeep Sawant/Arzan Antia/Indrajeet Kadam/Sagar Jadhav/ Bbdo India Copywriter
Josy Paul/Rajdeepak Das/Sandeep Sawant Bbdo India Creative Director
Rajdeepak Das Bbdo India Executive Creative Director
Josy Paul Bbdo India Chairman/Chief Creative Officer