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Advertising Agency SAATCHI & SAATCHI Sydney, AUSTRALIA

The Brief

Cadbury is about as mainstream as it gets – we wanted to talk to practically everybody. The strategy of this campaign was to actively demonstrate Cadbury’s brand purpose of making the everyday a more joyful place.

Creative Execution

This was appropriate to the brand because the world’s most joyful chocolate, was bringing joy to the everyday – actively demonstrating Cadbury’s brand purpose. From a chocolate life-size girlfriend to a chocolate sewing machine – this was pretty original and creative (but we’ll let you be the judges of course).

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

On special packs of Cadbury Dairy Milk, we posed a question: What brings you joy? Working in conjunction with a competition mechanic TVC, this drove people to our Facebook page to tell us their answer – bringing together entries for all to see. We then randomly picked six answers, making what brings these winners joy, even more joyous, by sculpting it out of chocolate and delivering it to their doorsteps. These activations became bespoke events/experiences in streets, driveways and front yards across Australia. We engaged the media and PR, resulting in national press attending the chocolate deliveries along with hundreds of friends, family and neighbours. These activations were filmed and became TVCs running during the competition, helping drive sales and participation. We also released longer format online films to our Facebook friends. We wanted to celebrate someone’s personal joy, in a way that would bring joy to many. This is how we aimed to demonstrate the brands purpose of making the world a more joyful place.


We achieved our goal of bringing to life Cadbury’s brand purpose of making the every day more joyful, by celebrating one person’s joy in a way that brings joy to many. We held six completely unique events, each one tailored to a person’s joy. This campaign reached 10.4 million people (that’s almost half of Australia). We increased our Twitter followers 26 times and experienced 16 times more Facebook activity during the campaign. There was also national and news coverage.


Name Company Position
Alex Speakman Saatchi/Saatchi Strategic Planner
Brent Kerby Saatchi/Saatchi Senior Business Director
Catherine Harris Saatchi/Saatchi Group Business Director
- Wonder Activation Company
- Visual Jazz Isobar Digital Production
- Carat Media Company
- Royce Pr Company
- Definition Films Post Production
- Goodstuff Editing House
Fergus Cahill Goodstuff Producer
Andrew Mclean Goodstuff Director
- Goodstuff Production Company
Celia Wallace Saatchi/Saatchi Business Director
Claire Colohan Saatchi/Saatchi Agency Producer
Kate Gooden Saatchi/Saatchi Agency Producer
Wassim Kanaan Saatchi/Saatchi Art Director
Jon Burden Saatchi/Saatchi Copywriter
Matt Gilmour Saatchi/Saatchi Creative Director
Damon Stapleton Saatchi/Saatchi Executive Creative Director