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CategoryB05. Public Service, Charity & Fund Raising
EntrantBMF Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company BMF Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency BMF Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

The Brief

In 2013 Amnesty USA wanted to petition the US Govt to sign the UN Arms Trade Treaty. Research identified a ‘silent majority’ who support Amnesty causes but don’t act on it, particularly among their Twitter followers. We not only found a way to give the silent majority a voice, we created a completely new way to sign a petition. It’s called Twignature. Twignature was specifically created as a tool to help lobby President Barack Obama.

Creative Execution

Over the years there’s been little change in the way Amnesty International gathers signatures. People either sign by hand or fill out forms online. Now it’s possible with Twitter. As far as we’re aware this is the only aggregation of Twitter handles represented as digital signatures, aligned behind a common cause. Twignature is not only giving the silent majority a voice, it’s also changing the way Amnesty gathers support. They now have a new global platform to fight for human rights with a single tweet.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Twitter + Signature = Twignature. By retweeting a message from @Amnesty, your Twitter handle is instantly converted into a digital signature on an online petition. With one click you can sign the petition AND spread the word. Our aim was to gain 5,000 Twignatures and hand-deliver them to the White House.


For the first campaign of its kind this was a great success. Without any paid media Amnesty eclipsed their Twignature target by over 20%. One tweet alone captured over 800 Twignatures, which indicates just how effective this tool can be. In only a short space of time Twignature generated 20 million impressions (Source: TweetReach). Hashtags #Twignature and #MakeObamaSign trended on 12th March and best of all President Obama endorsed a landmark Arms Trade Treaty. It’s nice to think we played a part in a historic moment for Amnesty International.


Name Company Position
Nicole Rulka Bmf Melbourne Planner
Mark Ellis Bmf Sydney Technical Director
Doug Rathbone Bmf Sydney Technical Director
Josh Partijo Bmf Sydney Digital Project Manager
Chris Lo Bmf Sydney .net Developer
Lila Tournier Bmf Sydney Digital Project Manager
David Klein Bmf Melbourne Executive Creative Director
Callum Fitzhardinge Bmf Melbourne Copywriter
Chris Andrews Bmf Melbourne Art Director