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The Brief

Bay Beat Collective, a popular bass music group, came to us looking for an idea that would help them connect with their fans outside of their gigs. Since our target audience included the band's existing fan base as well as fans of electronic music in general, our strategy was to leverage the one thing that binds bands and their fans - music. The challenge, however, was to find a unique way of doing this.

Creative Execution

The strength of the idea lay in the fact that it took the conventional engagement platform of music (appropriate to the brand) and gave it an unconventional twist. Not only did The Genomusic Project give fans the chance to co-create an album with the band, it also let them be a part of music history, considering it is the world's first music album created from fans' DNA.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Our idea was simple. Bay Beat Collective would produce a music album in collaboration with their fans. But it would be a collaboration like no other. One that would combine science and art to create an engagement platform that would make music history. Presenting The Genomusic Project, the world’s first album created from fans’ DNA. The idea was for Bay Beat Collective to take DNA samples from eight of their fans and convert them into eight tracks for the album. And since no two people have the same DNA profile, each track would sound completely different from the other.


The Genomusic Project saw 5,84,212 unique visitors to the app, 2,59,053 contest submissions and thousands of Facebook and Twitter impressions. It was featured in newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs, earning media impressions worth $1.2 million. Within three weeks of its launch, the album sold more than 12,000 copies, making it Bay Beat Collective's best-selling album. And the band was voted the "Number 1 Drum-n-Bass DJ" by, India's largest artist awards poll, a true testament to the band’s loyal fan base.


Name Company Position
Amol Kulkarni A10 Art Director
Nilesh Mhatre Runtime Solutions Project Manager
Arjun Chatterjee Runtime Solutions Ceo
Abhishek Chandra Joker Films Producer
Himanshu Sharma Joker Films Director
Shvetank Naik Jwt India Account Planning
Aalap Desai Jwt India Copywriter
Mayur Mengle Jwt India Art Director
Sachin Kamble Jwt India Senior Creative Director/Art Director
Prajato Guha Thakurta Jwt India Senior Creative Director/Copywriter
Senthil Kumar Jwt India National Creative Director
Swati Bhattacharya Jwt India National Creative Director
Tista Sen Jwt India National Creative Director