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CategoryA02. Premiums & Giveaways
Entrant Company OGILVY & MATHER INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Advertising Agency OGILVY & MATHER INDIA Mumbai, INDIA

The Brief

According to Indian law, it is legal to have one drink (about 30ml alcohol or 1 glass of beer/wine) and drive. But according to studies, even a single drink can turn drivers into a potential menace on the roads. Our TG, partygoers between 21 and 40, often drive home after having a small drink. We wanted to drive home a social message: Even a small drink is enough to cause harm.

Creative Execution

What better time to drive home a "Don't drink and drive" message than when people are about to do just that? And what better place than at a big and popular pub? The banged up key chains themselves were very evocative and provocative. They showed what a potential crash looked like. After a few drinks, no driver thinks thinks they're going to meet with an accident. The key chains made them visualize, 'What if?'

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Patrons leave their car keys with the valet while entering the pub. That’s when key chains with damaged Hot Wheels and the message "Even a Small Drink is Enough" were attached to them, along with the phone number of the driver service. While exiting, the patrons were handed their keys with the attached Hot Wheels key chain that carried the social message. Having this key chain attached to their car keys will remain a constant reminder of the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol, reiterating the message: Even a small drink is enough. Don't drink and drive.


Party Club Drivers, the driver service we had tied up with, reported a spurt in calls (250% higher than average). Importantly, many of them were 'repeat' callers, which suggests that the key chains left behind as a reminder was working. The Little Door, the pub we had associated with, got very positive feedback from its patrons for organizing this awareness drive. The Hot Wheels 'Key Chain' activity was picked up and shared on various blogs as well as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.


Name Company Position
Shiva Verma Action/Cuts/Mumbai Editor
Devasmita Halder Ogilvy/Mather/Mumbai Account Executive
Kankana Ghosh Ogilvy/Mather/Mumbai Account Director
Ajay Mehta Ogilvy/Mather/Mumbai Vice President (Account Management)
Chirayu Palande Ogilvy/Mather/Mumbai Photographer
Yogesh Mani Pradhan Ogilvy/Mather/Mumbai Copywriter
Sameer Sojwal Ogilvy/Mather/Mumbai Art Director/Designer/Copywriter
Amitabh Agnihotri Ogilvy/Mather/Mumbai Creative Director
Sameer Sojwal Ogilvy/Mather/Mumbai Creative Director
Rajiv Rao Ogilvy/Mather/Mumbai National Creative Director
Abhijit Avasthi Ogilvy/Mather/Mumbai National Creative Director