CategoryB05. Public Service, Charity & Fund Raising
Entrant Company CLEMENGER BBDO Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
Advertising Agency CLEMENGER BBDO Wellington, NEW ZEALAND

The Brief

Family members know they should say something when someone in the family drives drunk but often find it too hard to confront them directly. They feel too hypocritical or sometimes fear the reaction they'll get. Our objective was to find a way for family members to speak up and put a stop to their loved ones drink driving. Our target audience was the extended family members of drink drivers. Because of the wide spread nature of this issue, this radio campaign was broadcast nationally.

Creative Execution

We gave family and friends the tools to create their own, personalised drink driving message, because hearing a message from your loved ones is far more potent than hearing it from the government.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Radio Legends is a user generated radio campaign. Speaking up is a hard thing to do, so we offered an easy and unique way in. Free airtime on the radio waves. Family members rang in and left a personal message. These messages were then placed back on the airwaves at the approximate time and place of their choosing. This made sure the drunk driver heard them. The floodgates opened, and we were inundated with hundreds of messages. Many people became Legends, by stopping their family driving drunk.


We gave family members a platform to speak up to their loved ones - national radio. They rang in and left a personal message. These were then broadcast. We were inundated with hundreds of messages. We estimate that at least 1.3 million people heard a spot, and that they heard it an average of six times. This campaign contributed to the New Zealand road toll for 2012 being the second lowest in 60 years. And ‘Deaths and serious injuries’ in 2012 (per 100,000 population) from alcohol-related crashes was at the lowest level since 2007.


Name Company Position
Marmalade Studios Marmalade Sound Studio
Paul Stent Marmalade Sound Engineer
Martin Gray Clemenger Bbdo Producer
Mitch Alison Writer
Brigid Alkema Clemenger Bbdo Writer
Brigid Alkema Clemenger Bbdo Creative Director
Philip Andrew Clemenger Bbdo Executive Creative Director