Product / ServiceENTERTAINMENT
CategoryB03. Consumer Services
Entrant Company CLEMENGER BBDO Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
Advertising Agency CLEMENGER BBDO Wellington, NEW ZEALAND

The Brief

The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra (The Ukes) were going on tour. They always sell out in big cities. But in small towns, locals didn’t know the band. We knew that The Ukes would have to both prove how entertaining they are, and earn the support of the community. By doing what people in small towns do best… help each other out.

Creative Execution

This was a unique promotion in that the prize itself was the best possible example of the Uke’s talents. The idea of giving away jingles perfectly showcased the qualities the Ukes wanted to promote: big laughs and big entertainment (on little guitars). The prize also showed that the Ukes were interested in, and willing to support, local communities. This gave people a great reason to support the show.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

We asked the band to make radio jingles to promote local small businesses in the four towns with the lowest ticket sales. Why jingles? 1. They’re a great way for The Ukes to show how entertaining they are. 2. Jingles are an effective advertising tool because they stick in your head. Businesses entered, and winners were drawn: a yoga studio, a backpackers hostel, a grocery shop, a cycle tours company and even a home kill butchery service, among others. The finished jingles hit the airwaves alongside a second ad asking for the community’s support in return.


Our aim was to sell lots of tickets in four small towns. With only a small budget, we did just that. The promotion contributed to a 160% increase on sales in the four targeted centres, including a 700% increase in Invercargill — the community least familiar with the Ukes. Overall, this equated to about $74,000 in revenue. In addition to the spots, the campaign resulted in about 25mins of additional radio commentary; stations were choosing to talk about the idea, for free. We had happy small businesses, happy stations and happy Ukes — all for very little money. Win. Win. Win.


Name Company Position
Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra Writer
Marmalade Studios Marmalade Sound Studio
Dan Okano Marmalade Sound Engineer
Martin Gray Clemenger Bbdo Agency Producer
Erik Hay Clemenger Bbdo Writer
Brigid Alkema Clemenger Bbdo Art Director
Brigid Alkema Clemenger Bbdo Creative Director
Philip Andrew Clemenger Bbdo Executive Creative Director