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Entrant Company HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN

The Brief

Job hunting in Japan is extremely brutal. Every year, graduates face countless numbers of exams and interviews to try to enter top-ranking companies. So, we wanted to change that brutal job hunting into something that will make the graduates have fun instead.

Creative Execution

With the 65% employment rate and the average exams taken by graduates are rising to 45 companies, it is clear that job hunting in Japan is very severe. To enter somewhere better, job hunting graduates are forced to take countless numbers of exams every day. So we took notice of the “walking distance” during their job hunting, and created a mobile service that will change their walking distance into something fun.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

We created a mobile system, WALKFORCE, that converts the “total walking distance” during job hunting, into “FOOD”. New graduates are forced to visit a lot of companies for job hunting. WALKFORCE will issue a meal coupon to the graduates according to the total walking distance they earn during job hunting. Graduates are having more fun during job hunting, thanks to WALKFORCE. Additionally, WALKFORCE not only offered meals, but also sent out recruiting mails from companies to those who accumulated the miles. This became a ‘direct recruitment system’ for human resource among companies wanting to reach those graduates with motivation.


・Coupons were all handed out before the planned promotion period. ・By using this system, the number of graduates applying for Hakuhodo went up 177% compared to the previous year. ・On top of this, there were many requests from various industries to implement the WALKFORCE system. (Ex. bank, airlines, restaurants, real estate, etc)


Name Company Position
Kazuma Kitada Tokyo/Taiyokikaku Co./Ltd. Director (Movie)
Toshiyuki Takei Tokyo/Taiyokikaku Co./Ltd. Producer(Movie)
Koji Uzawa Hakuhodo I-Studio Producer
Yuko Fujii Hakuhodo I-Studio Technical Director
Youngwook Hwang Hakuhodo I-Studio Designer
Takahiro Kiuchi Hakuhodo I-Studio Director
Jun Kagaya Hakuhodo I-Studio Art Director
Masahide Sato Hakuhodo Dy Media Partners Producer
Hirofumi Yukawa Hakuhodo Producer
Noriyuki Kanemaru Hakuhodo Producer
Kentaro Harano Hakuhodo Art Director
Yoko Imai Hakuhodo Copywriter
Soyon Kim Hakuhodo Creative Vox Copywriter
Masatoshi Usami Hakuhodo Planner
Shota Hatanaka Hakuhodo Kettle Planner
Takayuki Hino Six Creative Director
Kentaro Kimura Hakuhodo Kettle Executive Creative Director