Product / ServiceN-ONE
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EntrantDENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN

The Brief

Honda launched a new car but the store visitors are decreasing. If people are not coming to the stores, why not send the car online? To showcase the cars details to the DESIGN CONSCIOUS customers who have little interest in cars, we reinvented the traditional car catalogue as a life size model car made of paper, the "Downloadable car". Unfolded patterns of the car was distributed in PDF through the website along with full instructions. Of course the campaign was unique and distinguishable, it also generated some conversation around the brand and the cars details.

Creative Execution

N-One is a mini car with unmatched design quality in its class. Its distinctive design derives from the N360, Honda’s very first car. N360 is not only famous for it being the first, but being a best selling car in the 60’s. So the primary appeal is the design details of the car. The campaign was successful in not only making the buzz but also generating some conversation around the brand and the cars details.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Through the experience of actually TOUCHING the design, people got better understanding and stronger interests. This showcased enough of its appeal Unfolded patterns were downloaded over 70,000 times. This indicates the number of times it reached the hands of the customers. It is a very high conversion rate considering the video which had 360,000 views.


In Japanese internet culture, there is a term called ”Yattemita”(Literrally meaning “I’ve done it”). This can be anything from a massive bike stunt or making an insanely complicated product, or even a lip dub. People in Japan respect the user who does this “Yattemita”; the larger the effort is, the bigger the respect becomes.The video is the Honda’s “Yattemita”-a concept taking real dedication and commitment to design, and so doing, inspiring the others to create their own. It resulted in 360,000 PVs and 70,000 downloads. The access went up 800%. Honda became No.1 in mini-car segment.


Name Company Position
Rin Tai Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Accountexective
Naoyuki Masuda Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Accountexective
Tsuyoshi Kobayashi Sweat/Inc. Web Producer
Tatsuya Uetake Dentsu Razorfish Inc. Web Producer
Mouse On The Keys Music
Sojiro Kamatani Qotori Film Inc. Editor
Japan Art Craft Co./Ltd Japan Art Craft Co./Ltd Art
Mitsuhiro Okamoto Light
Tatsushi Asaga Camera
Daisuke Shimada Qotori Film Inc. Director
Mizuho Toyoshima Cinq Co./Ltd. Production Manager
Naoto Sasaki Cinq Co./Ltd. Production Manager
Manabu Sasaki Adbrain Inc. Producer
Susumu Nagano Cinq Co./Ltd. Producer
Yu Tanaka Cinq Co./Ltd. Producer
Yoshio Hiramoto Adbrain Inc. Designer
Takashi Omori Dentsu Razorfish Inc. Agencyproducer
Akira Amano Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Planner
Yuji Yokomori Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Copywriter
Shimohama/Matsuura Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Creative Director/Artdirector/Planner