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Advertising Agency LOWE INDONESIA Jakarta, INDONESIA

Brief Explanation

The Longest Adventure' utilized the most basic of mediums, the shelf-talker, and totally reinventing the way it is often used and thus making our message standout from competitors POS materials. The product benefit was also communicated in the execution — the more adventure your kids experience, the more you will need the perfect product to clean your kid's clothes. Also, with the emergence of large supermarket chains like Giant and Lotte Mart have also allowed us to bring this execution to life and effectively bring the consumers to the Rinso aisles.

The Brief

'Despite being a leading detergent brand, Rinso was facing problems converting foot traffic into sales in-store. An already 'detergent-cluttered shelf' coupled with a large array of like-minded POS installations made it easy for people to overlook our message or worse, ignore us altogether. We didn't want to be just another brand that sacrificed its soul to shout about best prices and best value for money. We wanted to get across an emotionally driven message to mums, compelling them to buy us on the spot.

How the final design was conceived

To break through the clutter we designed a 12 meter long shelf-talker, and strategically placed it in the detergent aisle, coercing shoppers to follow along and reach us. This elaborate creation known as 'The longest Adventure' allowed us to manifest the product benefit into an emotional story for the shopper to experience. The execution itself supported Rinso's mission of enabling experiential learning and outdoor play as this is the key to children's growth and development. The benefit was simple – the more adventure, the more kids learn.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The unique storytelling appeal of the 12-meter long shelf talker gained participation from the consumers. The increased traffic saw a healthy 25% increase of in sales in the first month. The installation also proves that a humble point-of-sale medium can in fact carry a thematic message without having to shout about best prices or best value for money and still drive consumers to our aisles. The longest shelf taker was first introduced in the city of Jakarta and will be implemented to 5 other major cities in the 2nd quarter


Name Company Position
Alex Reagan Di Artist
Bondan Rising Phoenix Director
Herret Frasthio 2h Photographer
Yenny Ernawaty Lowe Indonesia Head Of Pm
Handayani Wirdan Lowe Indonesia Print Producer
Bimoyadi Soemarmo Lowe Indonesia Agency Producer
Anastasia Nova Lowe Indonesia Print Producer
Frissy Bella Lowe Indonesia Account Executive
Ranjit Jathanna Lowe Singapore Associate Global Planning Director
Rupen Desai Lowe Asia Pacific Regional President Asia Pacific
Vian Kristovan Lowe Indonesia Sr. Art Director
Tania Huiny Lowe Indonesia Sr. Art Director
Adra Gesza Lowe Indonesia Sr. Copywriter
Bondan Eko Lowe Indonesia Creative Director
Din Sumedi Lowe Indonesia Chief Creative Officer