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Name Company Position
Linda Tey Always General Manager
Theo Chai Guan Tee Studio Photography Pte Ltd. Photographer
Peter Chee Jwt Singapore Project Management
Kenneth Kee Jwt Singapore Production
Princess Cam Cam Illustrator
Ivy Ang Jwt Singapore Project Manager
Rachel Koh Jwt Singapore Project Director
Frank Bauer Jwt Singapore Ceo
Lynette Chua Jwt Singapore Senior Account Executive
Adela Andrei Jwt Singapore Senior Account Manager
Peter Cheung Jwt Singapore Regional Business Director
Kaushik Iyer Jwt Singapore Senior Copywriter
Laurent Pastorelli Jwt Singapore Senior Art Director
Juhi Kalia Jwt Singapore Executive Creative Director

Brief Explanation

The milk formula market is crowded with generic give-aways such as spoons and soft toys. We wanted to empathise as a brand and actually enable mothers to get around the problem of children who are fussy drinkers of milk.

The Brief

Friso milk formula wanted ideas for a gift with purchase. But they didn’t want to stamp their logo on a generic spoon or stuffed toy.

How the final design was conceived

We wanted to design a unique premium. While children aren’t crazy about drinking milk, they love stories. With this insight, we designed the world’s first and only glass that tells a story as you drink. The more you drink, the more of the story is revealed. Layers of intricate, colourful scenes and characters were created by a famous children’s illustrator and clasped onto the glass. These can be easily detached to wash and reuse. We designed multiple stories with exciting twists and turns to get kids to drink up without a fuss. You can collect them all.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The Friso StoryGlass was a stand out gift with purchase amidst all the generic giveaways. They created value and relationships for the brand in meaningful ways, by directly engaging children across the country. Friso's market share has risen to a record of 14.6% in Singapore (as of July 2013). Friso has applied for a design patent and an even bigger roll out is planned for other markets.