Product / Service10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY
CategoryA06. Self Promotion
EntrantDDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company DDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency DDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Brief Explanation

A key challenge was understanding how both the client and their clients perceived them within the market. Second we had 6 business days to present a strong visual concept and associated art direction. Research showed they consistently offered strong, creative work with a focus on standing out and differentiation from the competition. It was our challenge to match this output and a make a worthy campaign the client could be proud of. Our objective for concept and design was to understand and visualise the company’s ethos and day-to-day operations. These insights and research helped shaped the final output.

The Brief

In October 2012 the client turned 10 years old. A party was planned to celebrate both 10 years of operation and showcase their services and talents within the healthcare advertising industry. They asked for an overall concept encompassing: campaign branding, campaign logo, event invitation, poster placements and post event send out. The work had to be both original and representative of their reputation for creative originality within the market. It had to enforce their intelligent yet humorous way of working that combined both playful and corporate elements.

How the final design was conceived

The ‘Operation’ game became our tool for merging the professionalism of healthcare advertising with a fun, interactive experience. Fusing these elements as the backbone of the campaign, we focused on the number 10, visually offering 10 body parts as 10 key areas of their working spirit, representing 10 years of operation. This allowed us to expand the project across collateral, all linked through one key concept, and evoking a strong cohesion between fun and corporate professionalism. The project worked in 3 stages: creating the graphic design; making the working designs itself; then photographing the finished graphics for the final work.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The original expectation by the client was simple event promotion. The strong creative work grew the power of the campaign to more than just promoting one event. The creative is now used to promote the client as an established agency with a strong heritage in the industry. The new logo, visual style and additional literature presents a new look and feel positioning the client as a leading creative agency. The design work has been used well beyond it's original intent and has set a new standard in the quality of work they expect in future promotional communications.


Name Company Position
Cris Scardino Ddb Sydney Business Manager
Chris Peck Ddb Sydney Copywriter
Michael Kleinman Ddb Sydney Design/Art Director
Ramon Rodriguez Ddb Sydney Head Of Design/Art Director