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CategoryB02. Drinks
EntrantDENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Shinya Nakagawa Amana Inc. Film Editor
Naoto Yoshioka Amana Inc. Retoucher
Yohei Yamada Amana Inc. Retoucher
Atsuhiro Shirahata Amana Inc. Photographer
Hayato Satomi Amana Inc. Assistant Producer
Yuta Sato Amana Inc. Producer
Hiroaki Takahashi The Mainichi Newspapers Producer/Business Development Department
Masashi Inagaki The Mainichi Newspapers Manager/Business Development Department
Atsushi Makino The Mainichi Newspapers Deputy General Manager/Advertising Division
Isao Asada Dentsu Inc. Media Planner
Shuntaro Kikuchi Dentsu Inc. Media Planner
Masahiro Sekimoto Dentsu Inc. Media Planner
Hideya Kuramoto Dentsu Tec Inc. Designer
Ken Yamada Dentsu Inc. Creative Director/Copywriter
Yoshinaka Ono Dentsu Inc. Creative Director/Art Director/Product Designer
Kosuke Takeshige Dentsu Inc. Creative Director/Copywriter

Brief Explanation

In order to have young people rediscover the value of newspapers, we developed a medium that continuously increases the contact points between young people and the Mainichi Newspaper. In concrete terms, we changed the packaging of the mineral water that is bought by young Japanese each day into a newspaper, and over one month sold 31 varieties.

The Brief

To activate communication between the Mainichi Newspaper and young people, who tend to read newspapers less these days.

How the final design was conceived

When arranging the bottles of mineral water in the store, we replicated the packaging design of the real thing, copying the newspaper logo and the typeface, so it would look like real newspapers lined up for sale. Also, we succeeded in creating a new medium through using an advertising framework on the packaging. Also using AR technology incorporated into the bottle packaging, we made it possible for news updates to be read.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

1. Achieved sales of an average 3,000 bottles per month per sales outlet, centering on the target, young people. 2. A world first! The topicality of the NEWS BOTTLE was reported as news in various media, successfully raising awareness about the Mainichi Newspaper among young people. 3. There have been many inquiries from other clients about using the NEWS BOTTLE for advertising, so we succeeded in creating new business for the newspaper company.