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Brief Explanation

There were two distinct challenges we faced with the Van Heusen FlexiWaist trouser a) the brand was better known for its shirts than trousers and b) it took more effort for a customer to try on a pair of trousers than to try on a shirt. So, our objective was to show customers just what a pair of Van Heusen FlexiWaist trousers could do, without even trying one on.

The Brief

Van Heusen was soft-launching FlexiWaist trousers. A full-fledged campaign wasn’t in the offing until mid-2013. The brief was to spread a positive word-of-mouth among customers patrons who walked into a Van Heusen store.

How the final design was conceived

Thanks to an elastic band concealed in the waistband that stretches up to two inches, the Van Heusen FlexiWaist trouser was really two trousers in one. Our idea came from that insight. So we created a poster than visually showed how a trouser could be two different sizes at the same time.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Over a period of 4 weeks in December 2012, the dual size poster put up in the store had a quite a few festival shoppers at the store buying into the message of the utility of a pair of Van Heusen FlexiWaist trousers. A few of them even bought a pair of trousers.


Name Company Position
Tapas Guha Jwt India Head Of Production
Vijay Joseph Jwt India Creative Director
George Abraham Jwt India Creative Director
Prem Alayil Jwt India Art Director
Senthil Kumar Jwt India National Creative Director