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CategoryB01. Foods
Advertising Agency RAY+KESHAVAN / THE BRAND UNION Bangalore, INDIA

Brief Explanation

The packs needed to compete with international products, yet be aligned with Mother Dairy’s core purpose of giving small co-operative farmers a way to reach the market. The packs needed to look contemporary, without losing Mother Dairy’s values of warmth and trust. We also needed to be cognisant of the production constraints created by the substrate as well as the fact that Mother Dairy had multiple production locations and vendors.

The Brief

Mother Dairy is an organisation that sources milk from thousands of small farmers, giving them fair terms and eliminating exploitative middlemen. 3.5 million Indian households buy Mother Dairy milk every day. Sold in colour-coded polypacks, most Indian milk packaging, including Mother Dairy’s is very similar looking. Change is imperative, given that multinationals like Nestle and Danone have also entered the milk market. How do we change the milk packaging to create a new identity that allows Mother Dairy to strengthen its leadership position?

How the final design was conceived

'Pure milk from the farm at your doorstep' was the idea underpinning the design. This allowed Mother Dairy’s responsibility to co-operative farmers to stay at the heart of the brand narrative. We illustrated this idea with elements that a farm brings to mind – cows, birds, flowers, farm-houses and windmills. The warmth and wholesome character (an essential part of the Mother Dairy brand) was also communicated through hand-drawn typography with organic, fluid contours. The single-colour packs keep production simple and allow consumers and salespeople to identify milk variants via the colour-codes they are already used to e.g. blue for Toned Milk.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

“Mother Dairy is a brand synonymous with quality, trust and purity. We wanted to communicate the same approach in our packaging as well. Our new brand packaging is both impactful and informative in communicating our brand value to end users. Setting a new standard in the dairy industry with this packaging change, we are confident that these products will be enthusiastically received by our consumers. Consumer research shows that villages are synonymous to purity. We have taken this insight and brought it alive in our packaging.” Mother Dairy Official Spokesperson


Name Company Position
Avinash Malik Ray/Keshavan | The Brand Union Account Manager
Sulekha Rajkumar Ray/Keshavan | The Brand Union Senior Designer
Meeta Malhotra Ray/Keshavan | The Brand Union Director
Sujata Keshavan Ray/Keshavan | The Brand Union Executive Creative Director